Tuesday, 13 February 2007


OK, so it's breaking the challenge rules, buying stash just for the sake of it, but every girl needs to comfort shop here and there! Besides, I admit to feeling not in the least bit guilty about grabbing a selection pack of 20 Marlitt threads for only £8.99, free P&P/S&H! This super deal was from The Happy Cross Stitcher and the order came in double quick time. I ordered Friday morning, it was despatched over the weekend and I got it just this morning. Thus far, I recommend them totally. Must e-mail and see if all the Marlitt bags are the same though as I will probably get another in the fullness of time, (doubtless within the next few weeks!!) and, as you can see, I got rather a lot of greens this time!! Good thing I love natural types of designs and motifs, so that will be great for leaves, stems and so on. Wouldn't mind a few more floral colours etc now though.
Had my 2nd viola lesson today and I'm itiching to get practicing again. If it weren't for the fact that I still have to do all the other stuff in life and I have a short presentation in Chinese to get written today, as well as the fact that my finger ends would protest wildly, I'd practice 4 hours a day! What we did today I found quite challenging, but I also found that last time until I went over it again a few times at home, then it was easy.=)
Got some more of the back stitching on the cushion done last night, (thanks for the comments so far, ladies!), but it's not yet done. I still have 8 more lots to do - basically going around the remaining 2 diamonds. Will post another photo when there's something to really see - probably Thurs or Fri.

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