Sunday, 29 April 2007

Stumpwork wire!

Finally managed to source stumpwork wire on-line! I got it from Surbiton Art and Sugarcraft, which does cake decorating stuff. It's florist's and cake wire actually, but that's what's normally used. They stock a wide range of guages in 4 colours (as seen in the photo) and ship worldwide. The UK P&P was £2.95, so make sure you get all you need in one go, if you're going to buy from them! There are 50 pieces of wire per pack, so I don't think I'll run out in a hurry!! Once you enter their store proper, you'll find the wire near the bottom of the main contents lists under 'wires and tape'. This section also does flower stamens for those interested in the realistic sort of look for large stumpwork flowers like in Helan Pearce's 'Dimensional Embroidery'.

No, of course I haven't done any of the dog recently! Actually, what with the gum/tooth bug etc then catching up afterwards (which I'm not sure I've really done yet!!), I've done next to no stitching this month.=(


Dawn said...

The heart is gorgeous!! I am sure your friends will love it:)

bunnyhead said...

That heart piece is amazing! Wow!

Lisa said...

That is an incredible piece, so beautiful! Lisa :-) (CSF) Love all of your cards!