Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Anniversary card completed

Here's a card I just mounted for our friends' 5th anniversary which is on Friday. It's (yet) another Mary Hickmott design and can be found under 'Dainty Florals' in issue #88 of 'New Stitches'.

Got a package through from Sewandso the other day too - 2 lots of Quaker cloth in white and cream, 6 skeins of Marlitt, 2 of DMC Color Variations, 2 of DMC Light Effects and another pair of 3" gold bell pull ends, which will probably do for 2 bell pulls. Put everything away before I remembered to get a blog photo!!!

I treated myself to three new Victorian novels this afternoon: Charles Dickens' Bleak House, Ellen Wood's East Lynne and Mary Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret. Have started the longest, the Dickens, already, so don't expect too much stitching progress!


bunnyhead said...

Oooo beautiful card! That design is just gorgeous!

Tannia said...

I really love Mary HIckmont's magazine as she has a wide variety of stitching and lots of smaller designs to learn new techniques :) Your card looks lovely :) You're so good to stitch all these cards for your friends and family :) I am only full of good intentions :)

I moved from blogger to wordpress and love it :)

Faye Dianne said...

Love the card Elisabeth... you do lovely work, thanks for sharing.
cheers - Faye

coonie said...

wow the card is gorgeous!

Mylene said...

I just love your card, Elisabeth. It is sooo beautiful. Well done.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful card! Im just about to start bleak house too