Friday, 4 May 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

Finished the designing and transfering of the pattern for the engagement card last night, (used the glass in the front door as a light box as there's a light just outside!!! Much cheaper and easier to store than a real light box!!), and here it is thus far complete with threads and the card blank I'll be using. With the enormous colletion of threads I own, it takes almost as long to select the type of colour of threads to use as it does to design etc!! I suppose it's actually part of the design process. The heart itself will be done in this lovely pale gold colour, with bullion knot and rosette stitch flowers and fly stitched leaves. It's great to be able to use some of these lucious threads as many of the things I make need to be washable, (cushions and other practical things), and these over-dyed threads are not colourfast.


Kitty said...

Elisabeth 老师:

你好! 谢谢你给我的留言!! 我很高兴认识你!!
真羡慕你的多才多艺, 怪不得你这么忙啦!!

我日常生活里也很忙, 不过主要是工作, 回到家里还要帮儿子学习和做作业..所以连写Blog的时间也很难得..我会经常来看你的Blog, 欣赏你的大作喔!!

继续努力! 祝你:


Meari said...

LOL, I use the backdoor as a light box! Your card looks to be very pretty.

Cheryl said...

All that by 9.30am?? That's impressive!