Thursday, 24 May 2007

Forthcoming Projects

So, here are the 2 kits I plan to stitch up over the next couple of weeks, before we go away to the northern Dales for a week. One is a ribbon work kit and the other a stumpwork design, both to be mounted in cards. The stumpwork is for DH's anniversary card. Not the normal type of thing for such an occasion, but I think he'll like it and I can add little heart shaped stickers to romance it up a bit!=)

Funny thing with the stumpwork kit is that they supply you with everything, (as usual), then tell you to mount the red fabric for the raised ladybird wings in a 'suitable hoop or frame', but it wouldn't fit in any I've ever seen - it's tiny! I'll have to dig a piece out of my stash to use instead. The people who make the ribbon kits seem to operate a 'right first time' policy on behalf of their customers and only give enough ribbon for you to do the kit and not a scrap more, so I shall have to be careful with that one!

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Anne S said...

Re the small piece of fabric, do what I do ... I attach strips of calico/muslin to each side of the project fabric, so it extends each side out by about 3 inches (or whatever size you need) so it will fit in a hoop or on my Q-snaps ... afterwards I just unpick the strips and recycle them onto a new project the same way (I do this all the time for Xmas ornie stitching, as I can't stitch in hand, and the fabric pieces are so little) :D