Monday, 28 May 2007

WIP Stumpwork Ladybird

Thanks for all the nice messages about cutting down on net time. Seems like I'm far from alone with this problem. DH says he's heard that middle class housewives who don't have to work and are just at home all day are the worst in this case!!! Anyway, I have been diligently stitching and here's the stumpwork ladybird thus far:
The wired red wings are to one side and won't be fitted into the main embroidery until the last step. Should have this design and the ribbon one done over the next day or two, but they won't be officially 'finished' for a bit as I'm out of the relevant colour card blanks I want for them and am now waiting for the order to come from Impressive Crafts.
So, what else have I been doing instead of reading blogs, frequenting forums and what not? Not a lot as I've been ill (again!), but I have managed to finish one of the books on my list and press forward with another, so I've been doing something a little more useful than straining my eyesight and conscience on the PC!!! Now then, have to keep it up and even improve on it!! Oh, I won't be doing the SBQ anymore either as it's just one of the little things that adds up to a lot of dead time. Besides, it's meant for 'mainstream' cross stitchers, not the likes of me.


Margaret said...

I understand completely what you were telling us in your previous post and could not agree more. Thank goodness you will still be sharing your wonderful stitching with us. Love your stumpwork!!

coonie said...

That's beautiful, I'll have to try stumpwork one day...