Saturday, 23 June 2007

A bit more done and a thread parcel

Got a little bit more on the COS done - just put in the missing beads on a row I thought I'd completed and did this ladder stitched row as well. I ended up having to make that longer than intended (8 rows instead of 6) as I accidentally cut threads 1-5, then 7!!! I couldn't hide it, so had to do 2 more whole rows. Looks OK though, I think.

Got my secret sister package through for June. I got a £10 SewandSo voucher and spent it on completing my Marlitt collection. Paid for the other 4 threads myself.


Chiasmata said...

Argh, the dangers of cutting work! You're much braver than I am to do stitches like that. It's looking fantastic, and no one will ever notice the slip up except you. :P

mumagain said...

I am looking to get the goldwork book you got - I went on a goldwork /raised work two day course in Burford Oxfordshire last week and one of the ladies had it so I got a good chance to look properly. We worked on a Jacobean style design and having up to now been self taught in most of my embroidery , it was so satisfying to be 'up close and personal' to others learning and lso an excellent tutor who didn't mind be closely questioned about everything - hoping to go to another one at some point , work permitting !!!

Margaret said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the finish of your dog. What a journey it's been for you but he looks great.
Your sketch of the castle is very good. Sounds like you & DH had a nice break.
Love your new piece - it looks intense with all those specialty stitches.