Thursday, 21 June 2007

Latest Set of Photos etc

So, I took the dog in to be framed today - almost £60, if you please! Ouch! I didn't put the whiskers in in the end, as it would have been so great a contrast to the fabric that it would have looked tacky and I was in no mood to spoil 3½ years' of work!!! Will post a shot when the framed item is done. I've picked a light cream, circular mount with a light copper frame.

I've also made a start on the VS design. Haven't done much as yet, but here's the story so far, complete with the design and the rest of the colours etc that I'll be using. The recipient loves red, so I've redded it up for her.=)

<-This little load came in the post yesterday as part of my anniversary pressie from dh! Aren't they great? Can't wait to be able to start on some of the projects, but, as always, that'll be stuck in a line behind stitching for other people's events!!!
And finally, here's the picture of Bolton Castle as it really is, (see previous post for my sketch, ha-ha-ha!!)


Von said...

Your sketch is very much like the castle!

I'll be eager to see more of the VS design in your colorway!

Chiasmata said...

Argh, framing! Every single time I get something framed the cost surprises me. Sounds like you chose a nice frame/mat combination. Can't wait to see the result. It must be a relief to see the dog finally end up on your wall after years in the WIP pile. :P