Sunday, 15 July 2007

Good progress on the birdies

As I've been ill either in bed or on the sofa since last Weds night, I've been able to really get on with my latest birds design.=) Here they are ->

The Stitchologist asked where the dog would end up hanging. Well, not at our place, sadly! He was meant to be for my Aunt and Uncle's ruby wedding gift, but I hang my head in shame to say, that was back on March '04! Still, better late than never and promises must be kept, so he'll soon get a new home on my dog loving aunt's wall. I'm sure she'll love him and I will quite miss him myself, although I cursed myself 40 times over for ever having started him. I characteristically bit off more than I could chew at that early stage in my embroidery career!!!

Can't wait to meet my new music teacher tomorrow, hurrah! We're having a new carpet put down in the hall at the same time, so that will be great too. Home is almost finished!=)


ollie1976 said...

Great progress.

Chiasmata said...

Lol! Better late than never, I guess. :P Glad to hear he's going to a good home.

CreditDoc said...

Sometimes illness allows us to make such beautiful things. I like your works. They are perfect. And have to say you are a talented person.

Opra said...

Unfortunately, we have more free time when we are ill. Then we can do what we like. I see that due to your illness you have created such wonderful works. That's great!