Monday, 16 July 2007

More leaves

<- Here's the current status on the bluetit picture. There are some advatages to being ill after all! It may not look like much progress from the day before, but, as most cross stitchers will know, these outlines can take time. Also, it's worked in one strand of regular DMC and one of stranded metallic. I think this one is meant to be the wintry one of the suite. The chaffinches was distinctly late spring/early summery with it's lovely pink blossoms.

Met my new viola teacher this morning and she's great! You can tell she was a young person in the sixties as there's something quite 'of that era' about her, but I liked her a lot and I know I can really work with her. She'd already prepared so much material for her teaching, esp. for violin. Why do I find that impressive? Well, she's a violist herself and has put that extra time into the more unfamiliar instrument and clef unlike my last teacher who didn't even sit down and look through my book properly. First proper lesson is next Tuesday (hurrah!) and she's given me some bow hand exercises to correct some slight problems there to be getting started with. We played a short piece together from one of the tutor books. I was only doing open strings, but it was great. SO much fun to play even something so simple with someone else.=)


Chiasmata said...

That piece is coming along nicely, especially the outlines. I'm too paranoid that I'll miscount to stitch outlines first. Glad you hear you had a good lesson. :)

Anne S said...

Great news about your new viola teacher - you always remind me of my youth when you talk about the viola ... I wanted to play the saxophone growing up, and at high school tried to sign up, but was told I could only play the clarinet first ... by the time I ummed and ahhed and finally made a decision all the spaces were filled, and the only thing left was ... yep, the viola! I have to admit I enjoyed it for the year I was learning ... wasn't the same as the saxophone though LOL ;) BTW your blue tits are coming along beautifully :)