Friday, 27 July 2007

Sniff, sneeze and splutter

Got back from Germany on Mon after a very busy weekend in Hamburg. Brought back some unwanted souvenirs - Sir has brought back 2kg and I've brought back my friend's cold!!!!

Didn't get much stitching done! I did a little bit in each of the leaves and nothing more. I also didn't get the cushion sewn up before we went, but as we're actually going back in mid October, I can take it as my gift for that trip. I did get a bunch more discount Kreiniks at Hobbycraft yesterday and also some of the new DMC colour variation threads and some bugle beads through from SewandSo just before we left as well as some dark blue silk to do some drgonflies on. Bought the bedding for the one of the wedding pressies yesterday, so I need to get on now.

Had my first viola lesson with my new teacher on Tuesday morning and she is GREAT! She's going to be strict with me, which means that progress may be a little slower, but it will be more solid. I'm back on bowing open strings and am only allowed to use first finger with the bow (and maybe 3rd, but if I can't use 2nd, I don't see why 3rd???), but I can do scales etc to keep my left hand work up pizzicato. So, that to do for 2 weeks. Haven't done any prac yet as I've been snivelling and sneezing myself silly (sillier???) ever since, but as Teach is on her happy hols, I have chance to catch up.

Yes, Anne, you're quite right. There is a subtle difference between viola and sax!!!!!=) Ever thought of taking it up again? It's a bit far for us to duo, but it is a lovely instrument. Sigh! Better go and do some dull bowing prac. The sooner I get on with it, the sooner I'll be able to move on.


Anonymous said...

I have been taken violin lessons for 6 years now. I switched teachers 2 years ago because I wasn't getting anywhere and we are still trying to correct bow issues. If my first teacher had given me exercises like the one's you have to do this week I wouldn't struggle as much with some things. I still fall back on a death grip as soon as the music gets complicated and I have to think about too many other things. I would ask her why not the second finger. If I were to guess I would say it's just along for the ride and the other fingers are the one's you will need to articulate the bow.

Your stitching is wonderful by the way. I love the variety of mediums you are interested in.


Tannia said...

Practise makes perfect....sint't hat what they say>? Music is much like stitching - you need to do the boring stuff to get the incredible results :) Think of the bow exercises like backstitching - needs to be done to bring out the definition :)

Meari said...

Aww... I'm sorry you brought back a cold. I hope you're feeling better soon.