Saturday, 8 September 2007

First monogram done.=)

<-Got the first pillowcase done of the bedding set I'm working on. As you can see, it's a very simple design and won't take long at all to complete the whole set. In fact, I hope that a total of 10 days should see the whole thing completed and ready to give.=) I plan to do the 'M' pillowcase tonight. I haven't re-pressed this one yet, so the finished thing will look smoother, although I doubt the pic will show up the minor creasing here. It took about 2 hours to do, including tracing and transferring the design from the sheet I did the previous night and the trial piece I did to test threads and stitches. The chain stitch letter is worked in #8 pearl cotton and the rest in stranded cottons. The green is one of DMC's Color Variations shades. The basic letter outline came from 'Embroidered Monograms' by Susan O'Connor, but I put the rest in myself.

Do I seem to work fast, Tannia? I suppose I do as, once I get into a piece, I just get on with it - often as I'm racing a deadline!! That waterlily was neglected for weeks on end though, so progress seemed horribly slow to me!

So does progress on my lesson planning. Oh, how I WISH it was all done and I could forget about it! Talk about something bugging you 24/7 and, as I work mostly at home on it, I'm in the office all the time too! I've taken to retreating to the bedroom for all rests!!!! I never work in there, but the living room is 'polluted' now! LOL! Well, at the rate I've planned, Semester 1 should be completed this month, then I'll give myself the next month or two to get Semester 2's work done. Then it's on with another long neglected project. Three biggies back-to-back. Yes, it's a real stress, but, as I was reading in a book on stress management and health yesterday, if you never get these tasks completed, the stress response cannot turn off. So, a gruelling few months ahead, but we'ew planning to have about 10 days away somewhere warm in early January, after the holiday season is over and the prices go back down. Thinking about Madeira, so hope I get chance to learn some Portuguese first!!=)


Shell said...

lovely neat stitching,I like the little strawberry.

Sylvie said...

Thta's beautiful!

Rissa said...

It is a beautiful design and you stitched it so nicely! I am very fond of monograms. :-)

Chiasmata said...

Sweet little design there. :) Can't wait to see the matching one.

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful. Inspired by your stitching I've borrowed Helen M. Stevens' Embroidered Flowers from my library. I doubt whether my work could be as neat as yours but I'm going to give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Looking through your blog I'm wondering where you purchased the Strawberry and Rose Goldwork and stumpwork ring cushion, I'm presuming it is a kit. It's wonderful!