Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Progress with the bedding set

Haven't done a lot of stitching of late, but <-here's the completed M:

And the transfers for the sheet.->

I'll post the quilt designs when I get to that bit!! The wedding is this Saturday and, had I nothing else to do, I could get it done in time, but given that the couple'll be away in Italy (how jealous am I???!) for a fortnight afterwards, they're hardly going to be wanting it straight away. So, I'll see them the day after they come back and hand it over then.

On the off-chance you come back again, Moira, thanks for your nice comments. The little cushion you were admiring is indeed a kit, made by the Royal School of Needlework here in the UK. If you Google search for their web-page, then look in the shopping section, you should find it, and the rest of the strawberry and rose collection there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Lizzie, will check out the R.S.N.

Chiasmata said...

The monogram is looking great! Sounds like your class will be keeping you busy, but remember to take time out to relax.

Shell said...

the monogram turned out very nice.Freestyle seems to grow much quicker than cross stitch don't you think ?
If you ever visit your SIL there a couple of nice papercraft shops and a small stitching/knitting shop on Outram street in Sutton.

Von said...

Your embroidery is always impeccable Elisabeth!
Congrats on your class filling! :D

Racaire said...

it's so gorgeous in its simplicity... - Lovely!