Friday, 5 October 2007

Spend, spend, spend!

What about this for a haul of stash? I won't say how much it cost, as I really spent too much at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show this afternoon, but I'm not sorry I got any of it. There are some great things here. The books are crammed full of the most gorgeous designs with goldwork, some raised elements and what not. Of course, I fell for them as the shop whose stall I bought them from had wisely brought all their models of the pieces too...... Will get to make up some of those over the next couple of years, I hope! If the eternal course writing ever comes to an end.....

Anyway, so I got 2 books, 4 kits - 1 'regular' goldwork, although the pattern needs some adaptation as it's not an accurate stringed instrument at all, 1 metallic in different colours called 'Goldleaf Dragonfly', 1 cross stitch kit which I plan to make up to put on/above my desk when I get one at work (10 new workstations coming next summer, one for me too, I should say!) and 1 small Brazilian piece. One of the reasons I never did that glorious 'Ariel's Heart' design for the wedding in August was that I outfaced myself with it, so I thought that getting a smaller kit to have a go at first would be the best idea. What else? 3 things of ribbon, 6 sheets of stickers, (many of which I want to use mostly as designs to stitch from), 2 packs of 5 10"x10" pieces of silk dupion, plus one more 13"x11" piece. That's it, I think! Don't even ask when I'm starting on any of them as I couldn't begin to imagine!!

Decided to take the bed linen stitching to Germany with me next week after all. At first I thought it was too big, but then I realised that it doesn't matter at all and I can take what I like!! I'll also be taking the cushion for my baby sis' to sew it up there and hope that I can clear one more job and get back on with another all in the course of yet another trip to Hamburg!! After that, stitching plans are to finish that blue-tits piece that I started back in the summer and probably also do the goldfinch one that goes with it ready to have them all framed for bedroom re-decoration during the winter hols.=)


Shell said...

well done what a good mixture.Doesn't it make a difference when you see the worked models.I wished they would all do that,I am sure they would sell twice as much.
Was it just stalls selling or did they have any exhibits ?

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl, all those goodies. I've borrowed the Elizabethan books from my library before(didn't actually make anything)but they are gorgeous to drool over. Happy stitching!

Nicole and Phil said...

looks like you have had a good couple of days shopping! well done, I look forward to see some progrss (and finished) pieces on the blog soon!

Laura said...

Happy to know that everywhere is the same and that not only my credit card has to suffer.

Well done