Friday, 26 October 2007

Work, work and more work

Well, here we are again after another gruelling week! To illustrate, this is what the dining area looks like much of the time, owing to my having to work at home!

I put Photoshop Elements on my laptop just now so I can deal with photos better and even create a good image banner for the top of my blog, so a re-vamp shouldn't be too far off now.

I finally finished the bedding monograms, but haven't yet got the sheet pressed up and photographed. That should come tomorrow or Sunday. In the meantime, I'll leave you with the card I did for friends who lost their mum last week:


Jocelyn said...

I hope the next week is better for you. The card you made is lovely. I'm sure your friends will really appreciate it.

Chiasmata said...

Beautiful card, and a beautiful thought too. Hope things quiet down for you soon. Being crazy busy can really take it out on you.

AnneS said...

Good luck in finding some calm among the chaos soon! Your card is lovely :) I use Photoshop Elements too, and love it for simple photo modifications. One day I might even learn how to use it properly! LOL.

Ulla said...

Thank you for visiting me.We seem to be in the same situatiom.So much fun to do and only 24 hores every "day".So happy you have better times next year.We have to change the life ,noone else can do it.The card you have made is so great with the lovely varigated yarn.
Have aq nice weekend

Chelle said...

Such a pretty card! The colors are beautiful.

Anita said...

The colors of this card is so pretty. I have this pattern as well. Do you mind telling me what type/colors did you use in this piece. Happy new year.

Maria del Valle said...

Beautiful and lovely!!
A kiss