Sunday, 28 October 2007

Bedding Bale!

Here it is at last, the bale of bedding for the now 5 weeks overdue wedding present.

We'll be giving it to the couple this afternoon, all being well and that'll be one more job off my mind!! I just love the ribbon it's tied up with - it's got cut-out hearts on it. I daresay the bride, who likes to make her own cards, will put that to good use later on.=)

Here too are the final parts of the stitching, the simple bits in the middle of the top edge of the sheet (above) and the 2 C monograms which are one at each corner.

I've actually been doing some cross stitching the last couple of evenings. I picked up the bluetits picture that I hadn't touched since July, last photo on this post. I'd done a tiny bit more since then, but have now almost finished the lower two leaves and hope to do the second bird over the next week or so, but that depends on how other stuff goes.


Chiasmata said...

The sheets are beautiful! A fantastic gift, I'm sure the newly weds will love them. Cute little bird stitch too, can't wait to see your next WIP pic.

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful embroidery! I also like your bird picture. Please keep us updated!!

Serena said...

You create such beautiful designs!