Thursday, 10 January 2008

Home, plus the latest on 'Branches'

Just got back from our happy hols (vacation) a few hours ago and got all the usual getting-home type sorting out done. DH cooked tea, (bless him!), but he's done a lot of that lately whilst I was ill. Still fighting the nasties off, which I think is getting a bit much now that it's well over 3 weeks, and I was very cross to realise that it was coming back whilst we were away....Grrrr! Still, people have been saying how vicious the current set of bugs are..... Oh joy!

Anyway, managed to get a fair bit of 'Branches' done, although not as much as I wanted. I ran out of WDW 'Bark' thread with a fair amount of tree left to insert. Anyway, got 4 of the other elements stitched on and there are another 3 prepared ready to apply last thing.

I'm most unimpressed with the bird at the top which, as you can see here, is rubbish! I intend to unpick that bit and re-do it else it'll spoil the whole thing for me.

I'm happy with the other 3 elements though, the Yorkshire Rose looks quite nice and the scarf was a lot easier and more effective than I'd feared. Need to do another one, so I won't be so concerned about it.

Have put in a rush order with good ol' SewandSo for 2 more skeins of 'Bark', (although I don't think it will even need a whole one more, I just want to have plenty in as it's a fantastically effective shade), but that won't come until Saturday! I just missed their daily post collection, but that was because we'd stopped in at York to try and get the thread from Viking Loom, but guess what they don't stock!? Tja! More soon..... Most of Fri and Sat will be devoted to getting this baby finished, then I can put it all together on Sunday and hand it over on Monday. Don't you just love tight timescales? If it hadn't been for this dratted bug......


JK said...

Hey Elizabeth! How are you doing little chickee? I hope you are feeling lots better these days. When I went to Indiana I came down with double pneumonia, and that put me off traveling since..

Thanks for stopping by, and yes it gets really cold in Cali (well where I live anyway) I am about 3,000 feet up Big Bear Mountain, so we get freezing temps and some snow.

Another beautiful piece you are doing, and will be watching for progress.

Sandra said...

Love the Yorkshire Rose you have stitched. I am not surprised you could not find what you wanted at the Viking Loom, it has really 'gone down the nick' in the last couple of years - to much scrapbooking stuff.