Saturday, 12 January 2008

Some more progress shots

Here's the latest overall shot of 'Branches'. I don't seem to be able to do one in decent light! I always have to make a lot of modifications to the image and then it gets bleached out. Hmmm. I'd better get it sorted by the time it's final photo time! As you can see, I haven't re-done the bird yet, but I will later on today. I've also done 3 boules and a football to apply as slips, but at least the football will have to be re-done as it's rubbish too!!

I'm pleased with this area though ->
It's not finished yet as there are tassles to go on the scarf and some letters to hang off the middle branch you can see here. I at least finalised the design yesterday and that helped a bit. I'll be simplifying a bit of it.

Much to my enormous relief,
<-these arrived in the post about half an hour ago. I can now get the tree itself completed!

So, let's hope I can get it DONE today and only need to mount it tomorrow. Well, let's hope.....

Sandra, I know what you mean about not being able to find what you want in embroidery shops. It's not just that one either, it's a common problem. I suppose the real issue is that papercrafts are what many people want and, if the trader wants to stay in business, then he has to stock items that meet the majority demands. Makes it blinkin' hard to get the threads you need though, when the nearest retailer is two counties away!


Chiasmata said...

The card is going to be amazing when it's done. The scarves are looking really good. I don't think the poor little bird looks too bad, but I know if something stitching wuse bugs you, it never stops until you fix it!

Emily said...

An amazing piece of art! Waiting eagerly for the finished piece!

Susan said...

JK is right. You do the most beautiful stitching! So, if you won't join Around the Block, because you don't do CQ, how about Stitchy Fingers, which is for quilting and all other kinds of stitching, except CQ? =)

I love your tree - both the bark stitching and all the fun things hanging in it.