Sunday, 10 February 2008

Instant Gratification

I remember 'meeting' another UK stitcher into many types of embroidery on a newsgroup who said she did 'cross stitch for instant gratification'. I knew exactly what she meant, but in terms of results in the short term, I think hardanger and ribbon embroidery come first. So, I did some ribbon work yesterday very much for instant results! Here they are: It's not finished yet as there are some hollyhocks to put in on the left hand side, (you might be able to see a few guide marks there), but I thought I'd showcase it thus far. It's done with organza ribbons rather than silk/satin ones and is a small kit by Crafty Ribbons. They do some great small kits for folk to get the feel of ribbon work. My only criticism is that they seem to operate a 'right first time' policy on behalf of their clients - they only include enough ribbon in each kit for you to work the design and make zero mistakes!!! So, one or two of the flowers can look a bit naff!!! The gate etc is worked in plain old backstitch.


Doris said...

beautiful!! i like the flower and the tridimensional look that only a ribbon could do in this case.

i am still waitng for a hardanger Fabric (22 count) to start 3 small design forma Victoria Sampler.

Jeanne said...

I love your "instant gratification" piece! I haven't done much ribbon work.

By the way, I've awarded you a "You make my day" award. Check out my latest post (Feb 10) for details.

(and if you can't get to my profile, it's )

Yuko said...

Hi Elisabeth,
I always amaze of your stitching works everytime I come here!
What a talented lady you are!
I love the dog embroidery on the top banner of your blog very much, it's so stunning!!!
And I love to read your comment in Japanese!!
Itsumo arigato, Elisabeth!
Totemo ureshii yo! :D
Your Japanese is very good!
How did you learn it? at school??
I have seen your comment on somebody else's and I remember that you love Japanese stuffs very much, it made me so happy to hear!
If you want something from Japan, just let me know! my e-mail address is on my profile! :D

Mylene said...

WOW! It is looking beautiful. You sure been busy at different things, goodluck with.
Wish i can too, but not much spare time so i'll just stay with doing cross stitch and on and off hardanger.