Monday, 11 February 2008

Ribbon piece done!

Here's the finished piece - Rose Arch:

I think I'll mount it in a card in due course as it's the right size for that and will make a nice tribute for someone's special something or other!!! Don't know what, when or who yet though....

Here it is from the side to show the nice 3D effect that Doris so rightly mentioned.=)

Thanks for all the lovely comments etc over the last couple of days. I must refute one of them though: I am NOT talented, it's just that I have acquired some skills over the 5+ years I've been stitching. Anyone who can hold a needle can embroider, it requires little more than patience, practice and the ability to follow instructions. So, no, it's not talent on my part, just something I've learned, that's all.

I did some work with the blog labels the other day and added in some general subject ones, such as 'Birds', 'Florals', 'Butterflies' and 'Insects'. That will be helpful for visitors wanting to locate work on certain themes. It also made me realise how few floral pieces I really have and that I want to do a lot more! I'm just about to create a 'Samplers' label as I seem to have done quite a bit of that type of work.


Doris said...

amazing and beautiful work!

Mylene said...

Love it! It is simply beautiful, well done!

Von said...

What a pretty project, Elisabeth!

I have many of the same thoughts on the "talent" issue. :) As with so many things, we're just following our interests, learning and improving with each project.

Ribbon embroidery is so much fun and I don't do it nearly often enough.

gardengirl said...

Wow~! Beautiful work. I especially love the 3d ribbon piece. I would make that the front of a small purse or needle case etc.. So much fun to be had in the creative world~!

crazyQstitcher said...

I agree with the 'talent' explanation as it is so very true of how most embroiderers feel.
Your 3d ribbon embroidery is gorgeous.I certainly need stretching when I see how others exchange different threads and ribbons for recognized stitches. I would not have used chiffon in place of silk ribbon. It has a wonderful and delicate effect.

Thank you for steering me in another direction.