Thursday, 1 May 2008

My Blog is Boring!

Ooooof! How dull my blog has been of late! I never seem to have any decent stitching to show these days - dunno what's up with me. Distractions of one sort or another, I suppose. Anyway, thought I'd make a bit of an effort today at least.

Here's the current state of play with the birds. You can see that I've done all the silver seed-heads and just have the thicker, cream ones to do. Then I must wash it as there are two marks on it - a natural consequence of having been hanging around in the frame, poorly protected for about 10 months already!

This is something I picked up in Taiwan last month. As soon as I saw it, I saw needlecraft potential in it. It's just a ruler, but an extendable one with a mini protractor in the middle with each 15 degrees marked. I thought that it had real possibilities and, at only NT$23 (about 40p UK, and maybe US$0.70), a real bargain too.

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Doris said...

I understand you, I'm in the middle of my PHD. in neurcomputing, and sometimes I want to give up, I am now unable to embroidery, many hours looking through the microscope have passed bill, and when it is so, everything is gray, i hope that finish soon. I hope that you can choice something entirely satisfactory. :)