Friday, 25 April 2008

Sunday Updates

So, I've finally got something to show that looks like I've been doing something needlecrafts-wise!!!

Here's what the 'Child of Spring' cushion/pillow looks like just now. As you can see, I've moved the side fabric so that there's more white showing than there was on the original spacing. It looks better like this, doesn't it? It was only pinned at that stage, so I didn't have to do any un=picking for a change!!! It's rather badly put together, (although that doesn't show to much - whew!), as I didn't think it out properly first, that the first seams needed pressing open before putting on the next pieces etc. I'll probably still be putting some white trim around the central part and the red won;t be this wide anyway as a third to a half of the it will be taken up in the seams when the backing and zip are fixed. Just need to get some trim and some backing fabric now. Might even finish this one soon......

Did some more of the silverwork on the bluetits last night too, namely the silver veins on all 3 leaves (just one shown here though for detailed viewing), and some more of the distant seedheads next to the lower bird, which you can see here, I hope! Might get this one done soon too!!!

Mum has offered me her sewing machine, but I'm not sure I'll be taking her up on the offer as I've seen the Janome model that I want and I need a drop feed facility for free machine embroidery. I'll have a good look at her manual first though and see if I can make it do.


Jeanne said...

Wow! CoS looks *much* better with the wider white margins!

Doris said...

beautiful work!

Von said...

COS does look so much better with the redone borders!

Have fun as you consider all your options in obtaining a new sewing machine vs. using your mom's. Can't complain about the cost of your mother's. :D