Monday, 16 June 2008

The Happy Dance of the Child of Spring!!

HURRAH! I've finally got COS sewn up into that cushion/pillow after hanging around for about 11 months! I did the stitching on it last June/July and then it was delay after re-take after re-start.... Anyway, I got it done last night and here it is:

I can honestly say that, from start to finish, this project has been a complete pain in the rear! The embroidery part was a great deal more tricky and fiddly than it looked like being and the instructions and chart were not as good as VS normally is. In fact, had this been the first VS design I'd ever done, it would also have been the last, but thankfully I'd already worked two others!! Then we got to the finishing up part. First I used too dark a red border and sewed it on skew-whiff, so that had to come off. Then I used the right red and made the borders too wide, (some of you will remember that!!). Then I got it right, but there was a long delay until I found some decent backing fabric (I finally settled on a matching red with white spots on). I pinned that on and started tacking only to find that I'd got it all square with the spots, but the front was cock-eyed again!! Start again.... Then I had to have two starts in inserting the zip as I started to sew through too many layers. What I have really loved (HEAVY sarcasm here) about this project is the sheer amount of times things have had to be re-done and/or have driven me potty! If it hadn't been for Baby Sis (not baby-sitter, Chiasmata, I have no kids and am too old to need childcare myself!!!! Tee-hee!) I probably would have given in to the frequent temptation to burn it! However, I'm pleased with it now.=)

Carole-Anne said she couldn't imagine how I found time to do embroidery in my busy life. Well, I thought I'd tell you all!! Apart from applying time management principles, the following help:

I have no kids.
We have no pets.
We live in a small, inexpensive home, which requires much less time and money to keep up to than a larger one would.
I don't work much secularly, probably about 150 hours a year as opposed to the about 1700 a full-time worker puts in.
We don't have TV. Well, we have a set, but it's only for playing videos and DVDs and isn't used much. A month can go by without it being set up and watched.
I don't play video, TV, on-line or hand-held electronic games.
I don't make long 'phone calls.
Most of our meals are ready within 30 minutes. Our social life is fairly modest. We're not out 4 or 5 nights a week.
My internet time is kept to a minimum. I read/scan some blogs 2 or 3 days a week, but I don't spend many hours reading dozens and dozens.

DH said that made it sound like we have a very boring life, but it works for me!! I'm never bored.=) BTW, I don't think there's anything intrinsically wrong with any of the above, I just feel that I could lose too much precious time on many of them, so choose not to.=) Anyway, you can see the time savings from the list, can't you? Not that mothers can just put their kids up for adoption, sell their family-sized homes, dump their kids' dogs and so on just to get more stitching time, but I don't have these responsibilities, so I can do other things, although I still feel I would like more me-time!!! I've only actually completed 3½ pieces this year, 2 of which were very small. COS is just finishing up something from last summer. I have 2 WIPs right now, but something else I find makes me quite productive in terms of stitching is that most things are done for other people's special events etc. Deadlines are hugely motivating, don't you think??=)


Nic said...

I've had projects like that - everything that can go wrong does! But somehow, it all works out in the end, and it's worth it - especially if the item is a gift.

Love to Stitch 99 said...


I have enjoyed reading your post very much and it is so so very wise of you to resist to all those very tempting but also big time eaters activities.

I also try to cut them to a minimum, otherwise I can't get anything done.

Ouf, I almost forgot to mention that your pillow has turned out very nicely.

Pierrette =^..^=

Anonymous said...

If you become a billionare we need a new car (oh and cash for fuel:) ). I liked your list of reasons why you have time to do stuff. Despite having 3 kids, a dog, chooks - I do similar - i dont work, except maintaining the house and veggie garden, I dont do much on-line/games/phones/tv stuff (although i read rather alot of blogs) and we cant afford a social life - so I manage to scrap together time to stitch! it doesnt sound boring it sound blissful!

Stitchingranny said...

Whatever the battle the trophy is worth it. This really looks a lovely piece well done for sticking with it.

I know exactly what you mean about distractions. We do have a tv but it goes on for the odd thing we want to sit and watch (it is never background), we do not own any form of electronic games, and like you I try to avoid the RR, exchange things that take up so much time. I have an elderly parent who does take up a lot of my time but that is really from choice not a sense of duty, as she is quite an independent octonagarian. I think having the time to stitch is important to me, and I need peace to stitch.

Everyone is different which is really what makes the world such an interesting place.

Plays with Needles said...

So, I think it's great that you can speak Chinese...I think we would probably being hopelessly incompatible for I am the Queen of Distractions...if it sparkles or glistens, then it has my attention!

But we do love the same snacks and we do love to stitch so I think we would still become fast friends on a fairly irregular regular basis.

I enjoyed getting to know you! and a big pat on the back for completing your cushion!

Chiasmata said...

Oops, sorry Elizabeth. I'm not as sensible as you, so I have over 100 blogs on my blogroll and have to speed read to get through them all in between full time uni and work. :P I hope your *sister* enjoys the cushion. :) I really like the wreath in the centre.

You have so much more patience than me when it comes to finishing! I would have either abandoned the silly thing by now, or more likely just finished it badly and considered it close enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you stuck with finishing your cushion, even with all the disasters - it was certainly worth it, as it looks wonderful! :)

Wish I could be as good as you with the time management - I have to admit, though, after being offline a fair bit while housesitting etc, I'm finding it harder to spend all that time online once again ... could be a good thing stitching-wise haha.

Doris said...

oh! i love your red pillow,is a beauty!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Your pillow turned out beautifully even though putting it together was hard. I love the delicate look of it.

Well, whether your life is boring or not is only a matter of perspective. As long as you love it, who care what anyone else think. I for one wouldn't mind living a life like that :)

Terry said...

Your pillow is really pretty and I think we all know what its like to have one project that causes us lots of problems but then the sigh of relief when its all finish is great

Elmsley Rose said...


I was just googling "stumpwork stuffing tool" and your entry came up top of the list, and in the funny way Google picks up text it said "CFS/ME".

Hey, me too. And Fibro.
Don't talk about it on my blog - I talk about that on my LJ. Keep my blog just for art, where I don't have to think about *that* !

Hope you aren't too bad.