Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Snail slow progress

Here's what the 'Ornamental Pool' design is looking like just now. Haven't been able to do much as I've either been mad busy, or dead tired!!! Boom and bust is my life!!! Had a couple of low key days though and hope that will help a bit. I have to do some interpreting tonight for which I don't feel at all well prepared, (the fact that I hate prep doesn't help!), but I expect I'll feel better when that's out of the way.

Home is still in chaos after the redecoration and re-carpetting of the study, so there are still piles of stuff all over the place, just look at the hall here seen from the study doorway! I can't really get the vac out very well! Carpets are dreadful! This is something DH got for himself in Taiwan and has put it on the study door.=) Well, he is the president of his own business, so it's accurate!!! He's also the office junior and the tea-boy..... Cute, though, isn't it? I bet that shop sell as many for fun as they do for serious business!


Margaret said...

You have my complete and whole-hearted sympathy for your cleaning tasks. I'm thinking cleaning service before my MIL's next visit personaly, but maybe your SIL isn't as picky. Maybe you can invest in a small personal air filter she can put next to her wherever she sits instead?
How did you resist not doing the fish or heron first in the 'Ornamental Pool'? Then again, I would eat dessert first if I could - and I do if the kids aren't around.

Love to Stitch 99 said...


It may be going at a snail pace but it is still coming along nicely.

It is hard to feel as good when you are in the middle of renovations. I know that when I have too much stuff on my desk, it gets on my nerves and I need to clean it up before I can find some peace of mind. I don't like chaos. It is very distracting and an energy drag.

I am sure that you will do better than you think on your music exam.

You sure seems to have a lot on your plate with your music, translation, stitching, household, painting, (job?). I am tired just thinking about it (smiling).

Looking forward to see your pool progressing.

Enjoy your sister's company.

Pierrette =^..^=

Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend Elisabeth:
we can celebrate it together your third year on the web!!!
I really like your work and what you do!!!
A hug

Stitchingranny said...

Remember "Slow progress is better than No progress". It looks an awful lot of work and I am sure it will be lovely when it is done.

coral-seas said...

Hi Elizabeth, I don't know how you find time to stitdh! I really enjoy your blog and have tagged you, I hope you don't mind. See this post on my blog for details


Anonymous said...

Hi Elisabteh found your blogg though my friend Carole and I loved reading your blogg as yet I don't have one but I am on Stitch fingers are you?? Love you stitiching and speak to you soon Sue

Chiasmata said...

Ornamental Pond is looking great. I love the contrast of the gold against the fabric. I know how you feel, sometimes projects just seem to go nowhere at all.

I can sympathise with your babysitter being allergic to dust. It's not fun! I'm sure she'll adore her cushion. :)