Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Finished Band 8

Decided to do a bit more on the 'Silver Frost' bellpull piece and this is what it looks like at the mo. The large band at the top will have beads in the centres of the 3 large snowflake motifs, but I'll get the beading done all in one go once the main stitching is done. Well, depends. A band or two up from here looks like it's best to do the beads along with the backstitch, but I'll decide on that when I get to it.

I haven't finished my shell sample yet and it's class again tomorrow. We're doing appliqué with bird or feather designs, so I've got 3 photos of peacock feathers to work from. I'm looking forward to that as I've never done appliqué before. So, the kind soul who said I 'had the skills' for the course is proved mistaken!!! I have a lot to learn from it and, frankly, sometimes it scares me how much I'm expected to produce and take in over the next 8/9 months! Will post photos when I have some to post.=) Maybe tomorrow or Friday morning. We're going to Scotland this weekend and I'll take either my shell to finish or 'Silver Frost' to get on with.


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

This is going to be a lovely piece - I'll look forward to seeing the picture of it when you have it completed!

Nic said...

That looks so pretty :o)

Anonymous said...

Your sampler is looking stunning already - love band samplers, and this one is really pretty! :)

Mary Corbet said...

This is so pretty - I love the colors and the stitch combinations! It's very... what's the word? ... It's very delicate looking. I like it a lot!

Vivien said...

Thank you for your nice note. I apologize for not writing sooner, but the area, in Western Australia, where my sister lives is very remote. No broadband or Y-FI connection there, so I had limited computer access.

I stayed 3 weeks in Australia but then changed my flight and cut my visit short and returned home because of hurricane Ike. My home was in the path of the hurricane, but 80 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, so we did not have the water surges, but we did have 100 mph winds and lost power for five days. We lost several trees - one fell on our neighbour’s roof, but luckily did not cause any damage. Our roof will be checked for damage, as some tiles did come off. We were very lucky! Schools are still closed, but gradually the stores are opening again, even if there are limited supplies of meat, fish, milk and veggies – no one seems to have eggs. Now we have power it is so good to have a hot meals, A/C and internet connection.

The last four weeks have been unreal. While I was in Australia, my husband’s brother also passed away. Thank you again for your kind sentiments – they mean a lot at a time like this.