Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Finished shell sample and other C&G work

Finally got the shell sample done after almost 2 weeks. It hasn't taken me that long in itself, (as most things don't when you get on with them!!!), but I've put in 4 sessions of work on it and here's the finished item. I rather wish I'd added some colour to the fabric in some way or used something other than the prescribed calico, which is rather too dull for this piece, especially as it doesn't have much colour in itself.

Last week's work was on birds or feathers, so I took some images found on-line of peacock feathers and was also able to work from a real one that Diane, our teacher, had brought in. That really helped to get the feel of the texture and the full effect of the sparkle of the thing! It also means that both of my designs so far have been taken largely from real objects rather than copying photos (which are so flat, aren't they?) and that's good as many later things will have to be from photos etc and the course requires some direct observation stuff. Here you can see my efforts at quickly reproducing a peacock feather in oil pastel, then in pastel pencils, although the long, green fronds on this one were hard pastel block as I didn't have the right colour pencil. Actually, I don't think the soft texture of the pastel pencil would have been as good, so all's well that ends well there.

The idea of this exercise is still to work on line (we'll be doing that up until we start 'colour' in week 7), but also to use appliqué and I finally learned how paper-backed Bondaweb is used! I also discovered that my fusible web was not paper-backed, so I've since ordered some from an E-bay seller. It came yesterday, but, as the seller is one of these with a Recorded Delivery fetish, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to actually get it. I've stopped asking these sellers not to use 'signed for' services as they're not at all flexible in meeting customer requirements on this! Since when do I want to pay for a service I do not require and will entail me either having to go to the Delivery Office to collect my package or arranging re-delivery when I can be certain there's someone in to sign?? They ought to pay me for the trouble...... Grrrr!!! Anyway, this is how far I've got on the sample piece - just bonded the fabrics and back-stitched around the edges in one strand of matching cotton. It was really hard to do this as our teacher wanted us to use thin wadding, plus a calico backing, so, especially when it came to the inner motif, I was trying to find my place through 6 layers and it wasn't fun. We're doing appliqué again this week, (although I'll be working from home this time), and I will not be using so much backing, if any at all!

Hope to get that sample complete v soon. Am planning to do the feather fronds in varying shades of Anchor Marlitt to get the colour variations and the sheen, but I'm waiting for the 'invisible' thread I ordered on Friday to come. Hope it arrives today! We have no class next week, but I don't want to spend that time playing catch up!

No more on the band sampler as yet, but I hope to have some more done over the weekend, when we're away again, but I'm not planning on taking my C&G work with me as I did to Scotland last w/e.


vEr0n!c@ said...

All those different techniques... very interesting. Your class projects look really fine! I especially like the peacock feather.

Plays with Needles said...

I'm finding this course fascinating. It sounds like something I would thoroughly enjoy so I'm glad to be "attending" vicariously through you. I love the peacock feather idea alot.

gwenddydd said...

Wahou !
I'm sure it will be very beautiful.

freebird said...

It will be interesting to see how the feather progresses.

I don't understand the signature deal when most people aren't at home during the day anymore. I pay for my mail to be delivered to our little country store and they are willing to sign for us. Makes things much easier.

Your shell turned out very nice. As far as the padding and layering goes, at least you are learning what you don't like!

Chiasmata said...

Congrats on finishing the shell! It turned out very elegantly. And picking a peacock feather was a stunning idea. I have a few in my budgie's cage for them to play with, but mostly because they're just so pretty. I hope you continue to enjoy your stitching class, it sounds like a real challenge.