Saturday, 6 September 2008

Surface work FINALLY complete!

I can't believe how long this piece is taking me! Still, I have been working (albeit part-time) over the last 3 weeks, so that's taken some of my stitching time away and the people I've been temping with want to keep me another week or more in addition to the original booking. So, that's good anyway - I must be doing OK.=)

Back to stitching things and here's how it's looking right now. When I finish on-line and get one or two other tasks done, (like last night's dishes - tsk!), I'll get on with the 12 small areas of cutting and I could even conceivably have them completed over the weekend! I bought the backing fabrics and the zip the other day too, so should be able to forge ahead on this one and then get one with the next, which is slightly smaller and hasn't got anything like the quantity of Kloster Blocks that this one has. Man! If I never stitch a Kloster again..... Anyway, as can be seen here (in contrast with the last photo), it's cream, not pink. It was just really bad light last time!=)

Yesterday was the Uni's Staff Festival, which seems to have become an annual event on an early Friday in September, (so most staff are back from their hols, but most students aren't). Most folk stop work at 3pm instead of 5 and head off to see what their colleagues have been creating and so on, (see an example here). There are also activities to join in (there was a circus workshop!) and an Irish barndance in the evening. I only went for an hour or so with a former Language Centre colleague, who seems to like many of the same things as me, and then she kindly brought me home. Given the state of the weather (Noachan rain storms) and that I'm really tired at the mo, it was a real blessing to get door-to-door service, I can tell you. Julia tops the Love List this weekend!!


Terry said...

This is really lovely so delicate and fine worthy of 5 stars

Frontrange Stitcher said...

Agreed, definetly five stars. Beautiful in white, thanks for the new pic!

NCPat said...

Beautiful! I have done a lot of Hardanger in my past, so I truly appreciate your efforts! Nice job!

Plays with Needles said...

Your coming down the home stretch and it looks really lovely. What will you do with it...I love when the holes happen...looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

I love it, that's so delicate!