Monday, 1 September 2008

Two thirds of the year are already gone!

At the risk of sounding monstrously clichéed, (is that spelling anything like correct??), doesn't time fly? It does fly when you have things to stitch for certain dates. I had 4 projects scheduled for completion/delivery from July - September. I did get a bit behind with #1 and that's largely my own fault, but MIL seemed to enjoy watching it develop as I completed it at her place. #2 was totally beyond me though as I put in my order for the supplies needed for #2 and #3 in good time, but had to finally give up on that ONS after 2 months of non-delivery (and non-communication after their response to a chase-up email). That got me nicely behind with #2, which is now 12 days late and here is a slightly out of date pic of it. Since this was taken (in very bad light, sorry), I've completed all the cream around the main border bits and even done some of the last line of Kloster blocks which will outline the whole square and, this evening, I put in the last 3 flowers and have done almost 2 of the 6 leaves. So, it's further on than this, but I'll post that and what gets done before next post on Thursday, all being well.

Project 4 is also under way, (you might remember the start on Patricia Ann's 'Silver Frost' in this post, and I may even get that done on time. I expect #3, another hardanger cushion to be a little quicker to work up as many of the satin stitch elements are quite large and there aren't large cutwork areas on that one either, but I'm not holding breath to get it done in time.

I made a whole load of cards for many the anniversaries and the November wedding that are needed for the rest of the year. The first was delivered yesterday. It's papercraft cards now in most cases as I no longer have the time to stitch all cards. It was OK when I was ill and had little or nothing else to do, but now it's getting too much for me to keep up to and that means that this load of anniversary gifts is going to be the last for a while too. In future, only really big things for close friends will be marked this way and for the rest, I'll buy things where felt appropriate. I love stitching and I know these things are special, but time no longer allows and it does get too much at times.

The October 'Awake!' magazine had an interesting comment to make about blogs as it said that some prospective employers will check your blog when considering whether or not to emply you. I can say that I think this is true. A couple of weeks ago, I sent an enquiry email from my private account about a job, (which I later decided not to apply for), and noticed from my Google Analytics and Feedjit stuff that the recipient had clicked on the link in my signature line and looked at 2 pages of my blog! Given that their response to my questions 2 hours later was very encouraging, I can only assume that she liked the look of me from my blog etc, but it certainly gave me pause! Normally, I only send this kind of email from my work account (esp. as I'm most interested in jobs on-campus), but this time I forgot and gave them my web links. So, if anyone's job hunting, you might want to think about if you want prospective workmates to see your blog and if and how they can get to it. Of course, for some folk, it may even be a selling point!!=)

So, stitching plans for the rest of the calendar year are:

* Finish 'Flowers and Leaves' hardanger cushion
* Stitch 'Soft as Snow' hardanger cushion
* Finish 'Silver Frost' and make up as wide bellpull
* Finish 'Goldfinches and Thistles' cross stitch, then prepare all three of these for framing, (at least 2 need washing to remove marks)


Chiasmata said...

Stunning progress on your current project. I like the contrast between the flowers and the border. I know how you feel, the year has just flown past! Nine weeks til Thesis Day for me! And it feels like I only just arrived in Canberra.

Lovely cards, I'm sure they'll be warmly received. Good luck with your stitching goals.

Frontrange Stitcher said...

You really scared me into reality, it is September and that means Fall and that means the end of the year is looming! I love current featured piece, it looks quite pink on my monitor but then the Q-snaps also look pink so I am not sure if it's white or pink? In either case it's lovely and you've made great progress. Always enjoy reading your blog! And thanks for the wake up call.

vEr0n!c@ said...

The flowers of your current project really stands out against the white. It's really pretty.

Lovely cards you've made there. I enjoy making cards too.

Stitchingranny said...

I only make gifts for really close friends and family now and I do not take part in RR's, exchanges etc as I found that the pressure was beginning to dim my enthusiam for stitching. You do the most awesome work though and I am already looking forward with anticipation to seeing the stumpwork projects you have in mind.

KitschenSink said...

Hey :o)

Glad you enjoyed the festival. It was good to see some of the staff's creative side. Shame about the weather. I did make some good sales and handed out all the business cards. I also got appraoched by artsmix to hold a stall with them!!

Funny how we are both blogging about deadlines. Must be the time of year!!