Friday, 24 October 2008

Samples 3, 5 & 6 complete

Thanks for the compliments on Sid the Snake (not Wily, Susan!!!), I rather enjoyed working on him from start to finish. Only sample number 2 to get finished now, the long overdue peacock feather. In the meantime:

Here's the finished, 'distressed' version of the tiger skin piece. Not very impressive is it? Wasn't anything special to start with, but now it looks a real mess!!!

This is the small, simple sample we did in class yesterday and I think many of us will use our wrapped cords to decorate the boxes we'll be submitting our 'Line' modules in. When I look at several of my samples etc, I really do fail to see any real, concentrated linear work in them, but I'll try and bring some of that out more when mounting the pieces etc. I picked my favourite pink and purple colours to use here and it was good to get some more of my Pearl #5s into use.

This is sample #3. It's meant to be of appliqué and layering, but whilst there are certain areas that have about 6 layers of sheer fabric, I think the peacock feather (#2) will answer this technique as well. It's supposed to be a butterfly near some buddleia, but the plant is really not well done and I know the butterfly is rather over-simple. Lack of time and umph, I suppose. When you're not really happy with a sample, you don't much feel like putting loads more work into it!! The leaves are much nicer colours in the real thing. Light was poor when I took the pix. This is the drawing, (done with Inktense pencils and black felt tip pen) that I took it from. I confess to having traced this from the source photograph rather than waste loads of time trying to get the shape right.

The bulk of yesterday's work was on the so-called 'resolved piece', design board exercise. I have trouble with this description as it's really just a number of pieces of art based on one or two source photos and, given that we aren't really meant to develop it for stitich - not even to plan it to stitch, I can't see how it's in any way 'resolved'. Sometimes the logic behind the terminology escapes me, so if anyone can clarify this, please do!!=) I didn't get far with it as art is not my string point as yet and I had an accident shortly before leaving the flat yesterday morning. My right little toe had a high speed collision with the edge of the fireplace and would now make a great source for a colour module exercise!!! I can walk better on it today and it should give little trouble by Monday, but I was feeling rather worse for the shock to the system etc yesterday. It's certainly not broken anyway, so there's nothing to worry about and I had my viola lesson sitting down afterwards!!!

We're hoping to go and spend a year in Taiwan from Aug/Sept next year, so I hope that works out. Whilst I'm there, I'll be able to have a go at some of the bead based crafts that are big in that part of the world and also do some research for the C&G Diploma level written work, when you have to produce studies into three countries with strong embroidery traditions. I'm planning on doing China, Norway and Brazil. If funds allow, I'll see about doing C&G level 2 stumpwork during that year away too, but money is always a major factor, so I may well not get to that and just end up taking lots of kits with me to work through and enjoy.

Hoping to get the peacock feather done over the weekend and also a couple of pieces of seahorse-y art done for this design brief business, then I just need to get and cover a suitable box and mount all the work so far. Ooof, there's a lot to do! I've had no chance to do more than a single row on my band sampler!


Stitchingranny said...

Though I agree regarding the tiger skin I have seen large pieces of jungle themed stitching where this would look just right on a tiger so I can see where it would have a place (even if not in my house lol).

I also like the simplicity of the butterfly. You seem to think it is too simple but I feel it is just right. The flower and leaves do not show up well but when I clicked for a better look I think that is maybe just a blog size thing as it looked fine on the blown up version.

Good luck and hope that the tootsie is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia (Good morning)
Obrigada pela visita ao meu Cantinho (Thanks for stoping by at Cantinho). Prometo voltar para ver o seu blog com mais atenção (promise to come by to see more of your blog). A imagem que comentou é de um quadro numa loja em Paris (The picture you sleft a comment is from a board full of cross stitch stuff in a shop in Paris)
Volte sempre! Eu voltarei a passar por aqui.
Paula Nunes Lima

Chiasmata said...

Sounds like this course is really stretching your skills! That's perfect. The wrapped cords are very elegant in their simplicity.

I'm looking forward to seeing your peacock feather finished. I've been watching Trillian the budgie try and eat through one all weekend. Daft creature.