Saturday, 8 November 2008

Photo explosion!

I haven't really been doing that much stitching of late, but I have been doing a lot of design work for the C&G and mounting of the line module etc, so have taken some pix to show you.

This is the box I presented my work in. It's just an ordinary purple box file, (with the internal clip affair removed by DH and his trusty drill!), covered with white mulberry paper, then trimmed up with the wrapping samples.

I didn't bother doing lots of pix of the mounted stuff as you've mostly seen it, but here's the beading one as an example, and probably the most interesting one that's all on one piece of A4 card. I also haven't got the eternal peacock feather done as it's very boring and long-winded, but our teacher was OK about that and said to make sure and show it to her when done. Here's what it looks like so far - like a cartoon kid with spiky hair!!!

We had to do a resolved design piece and this is what I came up with, although it's rather lacking in real design element and is concentrating mostly on various linear things. I did it in a little home made folder, which ties up with ribbon, and you can see here.

We've now moved on to the 'Colour' module and the theme is flowers and gardens. We'd to get a photo of some sort to work from and I got one from good old Google Images. We'd then to do a piece of artwork in acrylics. Well, I've bought more than enough stuff for this course, so used my gouache instead (a kind of opaque watercolour paint) and came up with this baby. Not brilliant, but it grew on me as the day went on. (Will post that later as I can't find the photo I just took on the computer.....)

Next stage was a bit of silk painting of the background fabric for the sample, then we'd to start on the stitching. She showed us stem and fly stitches, and bullion and French knots (both a bit different from my own, I think). Nothing new for me there, of course. I didn't get time to get on to the actual stitching, but here's the painted background with the threads I plan to use.

Last week sometime (I think! It's been such an age since I last posted!) I did a couple more rows on the band sampler. The middle of them couldn't exactly be called 'done' as I could only do 2 rows of cross stitches before the beading section, which is all being left until the end. So, here's what that looks like at the mo.

Hope to get some work in on all 3 current projects over the weekend and have more to show next week.


Wanda said...

Hi, I am a first time visitor to your blog. I just read about the class you are taking and how you said you had bought enough and just used what you had. Personal I feel the same enough is enough I too a china painting class and by the time I was done I had spent $300.00. I have a saying the "creativity is just a step off the beaten path" Who knows you may have come up with a good thing. Sew on. TTFN

Stitchingranny said...

Silver frost is growing steadily and looking beautiful.

You have been working very hard with your college work too.

Doris said...

silver frost look great .

and is true,the feather like a cartoon kid with spiky hair, but a happy cartoon!