Friday, 26 December 2008

Contemporary shadow work (aka textile collage)

Finally got another C&G sample done. This is #10 and it was called 'shadow work', but is nothing like the traditional closed herringbone stitch style. This is really a textile collage with bondaweb, worked between 2 sheets of sheer fabric. I'm going to post the photos in a line straight down the page as I'm finding that the line spacing varies so much from screen to screen that a posting I do on my widescreen laptop looks really over-spaced on the PC, whereas a PC spaced one looks all clumped up on the laptop. As I want everyone to see it looking decent, this is the only way I can think to do it!!

So, you can see here the usual piece of artwork taken from a digital image/photo, but this time re-worked in tissue paper collage, then translated into fabric. The white lines in the collage and stitched piece are meant to represent glasshouse window edges. The idea was that it was to be as if seen through a conservatory window. It worked out better for those students who had a 'further away' type of picture and could get a good window structure in, but mine doesn't look too good. Also, for some reason the white fabric seemed to get some dirt on it, seemingly whilst I was machining it. I don't much like collage, but I can tolerate it for the time being. There are a LOT of them in the module we're going on to do - texture. Ugh! I can't say I'm over-enamoured of machine work either, but that's partly as I'm not used to it and partly as my mum's machine doesn't go very slowly at all! It's either fast or super fast.=(

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Louann said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your work is just breathtaking. You are such a talented artist. I lookforward to seeing your projects!