Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Backwards, forwards and right here and now!

Oof, another year all but gone - one and a bit more days and it's 2009 already! DH asked me what I thought of the year last night and, whilst I won't go into most of what we talked about here (not 'on-topic'!), I did mention that I felt I'd hardly produced any proper stitching this year! 'Tis too true!=( All I've done is 5 things (2 very small), plus finished off one left over from last year and made up a cushion/pillow cover also left over from last year and got 2 counted thread pieces in progress, (<- here's the current status on the Goldfinches BTW). That's not counting my City & Guilds samples, of course, but I don't really count them that much as normal stitching, but as college work.

So, in detail, what did I do?

Finishing from 2007:

* Finished off 'Bluetits and Seedheads' cross stitch (see here)
* Made up 'Child of Spring' cushion/pillow (photo here)

New in 2008:

* 'Branches of Your Life' card (finish pic here). I did a couple of tiny bits on this in 2007, but it was mostly an '08 project.
* 'Rose Arch' ribbon work, finished into a thank-you card (view here unmounted)
* A simple goldwork dragonfly, (see here), which I still haven't used for anything and is rather too big for a card.
* Helen M Stevens' 'Ornamental Pool' piece (link here)
* Hardanger 'Flowers and Leaves' cushion/pillow (pic here before making up)
* 8 City & Guilds samples

Started this year, but still unfinished:

* 'Goldfinches and Thistles' cross stitch (see above for photo)
* 'Silver Frost' band sampler design (see 2 posts ago for latest WIP pic)
* 2 or 3 more City & Guilds samples (plus more not even started yet...)

Plans for 2009 stitching wise are:

* Finish all WIPs, including C&G stuff
* Get my C&G work done in time, (mid-May for this year's work)
* Do a hardanger cushion for my Taiwanese friend
* Stitch something for my 2nd sister before she goes abroad for a year, preferably something with practical use.
* Take several kits with me when we go back to Taiwan in late August/early September, should all go according to plan, that is!!!
* DH's 10th anniversary card - probably a CQ heart.
* Do some small pieces that I want to do. No more obligation stitching!

Here's my first ever acrylic painting that I had to do as part of the eternal C&G work. I can't say that I'm over-enamoured of it, but it'll do as a first time with the paints and the colours worked out OK. The edges of the colour variations within the petals are nothing short of awful, but, as with most art courses, you get given a subject and a medium and just told to get on with it, you don't get any instruction on how to use that medium! I've now borrowed a book from Leeds City Art Library on acrylics for beginners, so I have an idea how colours can be worked together. I would say that, in the main, I enjoy the course, but I still rather wish I hadn't started it (I knew this would happen.....) as it's just so much work and I feel quite bogged down with it at the mo. I just don't seem able to keep up well at all, even though many of the others do. There's at least one who struggles more than me to keep up, so I'm not the furthest behind, or wasn't at last count anyway!!! Anyway, here's the current state of the stitched piece this will be. It's to be cut-back appliqué, so here are 4 layers of fabric tacked together and waiting to be machine stitched. You can just see the blue markings on it if you look closely. I'm rather nervous of my machine though as it goes so fast....

More soon, I hope!=)


Love to Stitch 99 said...

Those City & Guild classes do take an awful amount of time. I know because my friend Terry used to take them and she had her hands full.

You have not talked about your music in a long time. How are things going with it?

Wishing you the best for 2009 :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

Jane said...

I love your acrylic flower, I have not tried them yet but intend to do, perhaps when it's warmer and I can windows open and with my chemical allergies I find the smell a bit much. Jane x

Azie said...


Doris said...

happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Elizabeth - you do such an amazing amoutn of work - I really wouldn't worry to much about how much you achieve or don't achieve in a year - as long as you're doing things that make you happy. I love to see what you have done and I am really enjoying seeing your C&G work too!

Thanks for sharing :)


Shebafudge said...

I really like your acrylic flower actually. It is clean and simplistic.

Take care and happy new year!!