Monday, 31 August 2009

First Post from Taiwan

Hi everyone!

If you've been clicking through to my actual blog, you'll have seen that I deleted the countdown widget and changed the location bit a week ago, and some of you have found your way across to my new blog about what we're up to here (link on left with the others). I created that blog as a way for home friends to keep up to date with us without my having to write the same thing to dozens of people over and over again or send group e-mails (which often get left unread!!), but readers here are welcome to click over there too. Thanks for taking an interest.=) This site will stay on its usual topic for the most part.

Our boxes haven't yet been delivered as we've had some trouble negotiating customs duties, but they should be with us soon and we should also be able to get some cash again tomorrow, so I hope to get some watercolour paper soon.

I did get my current WIP out and pressed today so I could work on it again. It felt good to be doing some needlework, (esp after that 'Stitching as Healing' article in the latest issue of 'Inspirations'), and here's the photo I took just before starting stitching today, focusing on the centre elements which are almost complete now. I managed to get my underskirts completed in good time too and wore one for the first time the other day.=)
I've been to one music shop and tried a viola there out for size, but I felt it didn't qualify for the description of 'dirt cheap' that I was given by someone whose lived here a while. So, I'll be shopping around.


Von said...

Good to know you've arrived safely in Taiwan and are settling in. Hope Customs releases your boxes soon. :)

Doris said...

i am glad that you arrived safely!!. hope your box be in home soon. And of course your stitching is beautiful. take care.

Sheilasembroidery said...

A lovely piece of work. Glad you arrived safely

Margaret said...

aah good to hear from you again and to know you arrived safely. Hope those boxes all arrive out of customs soon

Wanda said...

Wow....such a lot going on!! I am so glad that you mentioned your Taiwan blog. It is awesome! I read every word of it, hanging on the excitement and adventures.

Argery Araya C. said...

Que bellesa de trabajo la felicito, que tengas un año 2010 lleno de bendiciones , un abrazo a la distancia