Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Still alive!=)

Long time no post, huh? Sorry for the long silence on here, but I’ve had little or nothing to show stitching wise. I know some have been looking at my life in Taiwan blog, so they know I’m still alive, but judging by the drop in subscriptions on Google Reader, some have given up on me! Well, I’m still here and still stitching!

I’ve finally got the hardanger cushion cover done and am now just waiting to wash it out (there’s a light brown mark just outside the border on one edge) and then get it made up. I’m really cross that, no matter how I try, I just CANNOT get the colour to show up in the threads. It looks virtually white on white, but it’s actually a lovely baby pink and mid lilac shade of thread used. Complete washout when it comes to photography though! And no, you can’t see the shade on the enlargement either – not even a small fraction of it. Why it just won’t show up I can’t imagine! But anyway, the stitching is done and I just need some pins so I can get it all finished up and then sent on to my friend. Sadly, although I saw her the 2nd day I was over here, I can’t remember where I had her write her new address down for me, but I can send it c/o someone else, so all is not lost.=)

I started 2 new pieces, a Lizzie*Kate cross stitch, the Winter Button-Up design and a DMC stumpwork kit – a bee design. Haven’t done much of that as you can see and, anyone who knows the design will see that I’ve de-Christmassed the Winter design so far by omitting the stocking and the star on the evergreen. I won’t be putting the red French knot baubles on the tree either!!

The last photo above is my thread drawer! I brought my complete set of Anchor stranded cottons, some pearl cottons I needed for certain designs I brought (one I thought I’d brought then realised I hadn’t – after specially buying fabric for it too! So, I got another copy on E-bay last week!) and a couple of bags of selected metallics and beads. I’m missing my workboxes though and have wanted my Marlitt (rayons) once or twice. Still, I’ve found a couple of stitching shops – here’s the one nearest to my school, and they seem to do DMC Satin, which I want to collect along with their linen threads, so I might console myself with those!

More soon – it won’t be another month before I post – promise!


Wanda said...

I haven't given up on you!!! And I'm glad that you are alive and well and things are going good. Your new projects are off to a great start. Your stitching is so precise and beautiful. I've been wanting to try my hand at hardanger for years now. I even have a very complicated and puzzling book for left-handers that I got many years ago. I have, of course, in the mean time many new books and they are very easy to understand and comprehend. And because of your beautiful hardanger pieces, I decided that I"m going to give it a go!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Doris said...

i am happy to reading you!!, and of course your work is so pretty!.

Von said...

Great to see the update of your hardanger project. Regardless of the colors, it's gorgeous! Glad you've found places to support your stitching habit there in Taiwan. :)

Nic said...

Your work is as gorgeous as ever!