Saturday, 28 November 2009

Not going to meet my target.....

...but I've been doing the best I can. I've been really quite low in strength with virus after virus after virus of late and have, basically, just lost most of the school holidays/vacation to being laid flat with another one. Anyway, I'm still alive and am determined to go to the doctor on Tuesday even if I feel pounds better (although it won't do much good, as I got no help from UK docs for essentially the same problem), and see if s/he has anything of actual use to suggest.

I've done some of the cross stitch as you can see here:

And here is the first of the 4 wired bee's wings for the stumpwork, shown rather larger than life:

I've also cut the backing fabric to size for the hardanger cushion/pillow and pressed all that ready to be tacked and sewn together and we went to Costco for the first time on Monday night where I got some watercolour pencils. They're only the kids' version, but it's a good brand nonetheless and will do to get going with the medium - if I can ever sit up long enough to draw!!!! It's a good thing I'm not the moaning, whining type, I'll tell you!

So, I think there's no danger of my having even one of these pieces finished by the time we get back to language classes on Wednesday, but I will at least have made some progress. Oh, and I'm reading Elizabeth Gaskell's 'Sylvia's Lovers', which I'm not finding myself getting on with so far. I've only read the first 5 chapters, but I find the regional dialects hard going and the subject hasn't hit the spot yet. Early days yet though.


Rachel Cotterill said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. Looks like you're working on some fun stuff.

Jane said...

I just found out you were in Taiwan from Sarah Telfer that was a surprise! Hope you feel better soon I know what you mean re virus after virus I am the same too
Jane x

Mylene said...

Sending good thoughts your way, hope you get to feel better very soon.

Wanda said...

What a bummer to be sick on and off. You just don't need that! I hope the doctor's have some magical thing to suggest. I know when it was "my turn" to have a sickly winter, there was no hope...I just had to be sick on and off all winter. The bee's wing is amazing! I can't say I've seen anything like it before. Looking forward to watching the piece come to life with such neat additions. You had lots going on this past year..the "do-to" won't go anywhere. It'll wait for you!
Feel better!

Doris said...

i hope you are feeling better soon. I am reading the twilight series,yes..the teenegers vampires, and waiting for me the book, pride and predjuice zombie,i know,i a shame,but i need light reading in this moment.

Anonymous said...

Thanking you for leaving a comment on my blog :)
Your x stitch is beautiful, I look forward to seeing your finished stumpwork.
I hope you get well soon. I recommend lots of garlic and echinacea, orange juice and chicken soup!

Sparklyjools said...

Hi hun!
Just catching up,I'm really sorry you've been so poorly, hope you are feeling a bit better.
Love the new work, and the new look blog. Take care and cossett yourself!
Jules x
PS I've posted at long last after nearly 2 months sick/other issues.