Sunday, 30 May 2010

Field Mice Done - YAY!

I can't believe how long this piece has taken me to finally complete the stitching on! I started in in January, I think, and it's now almost the last day in May! The pattern estimates that it will take '15 evenings', but I sometimes wonder both how long those evenings are expected to last and whether the stitcher concerned is expected to have anything else going on in her life, such as making meals, doing dishes, dealing with other stuff and, of course, the small matter of family!! Anyway, whatever, it's done and I hope to get to the fabric market within the next week or so to get the material I need to make it into a sofa cushion/pillow. Anyway, click on the photo to get a better, larger view.

Whilst I'm there I also want to get something to back the hardanger needlecase with, although I may just use the doctor's flannel. Yes! Good news! I found out today, whilst looking out the stuff for my camera case, that I had actually brought the piece of cotton doctor's flannel needed for the pages of the needlebook/case, so I can finish it up after all. Margaret was so kind as to send me a piece of the woolen doctor's flannel, but it wasn't quite what I needed. However, it will come in for something and I've, at the very least, learned that there are two types of this particular cloth.

Here's the next project I want to start, a hardanger doily type thing. A local friend has been great recently, dropping in every so often with big bags of fruit. The funny thing is, she often seems to do this when we've run right down and I don't feel really up to lugging heavy bags around. So, I want to make her this little piece as a 'thank you'.

The next cross stitch I have in mind is this lovely narrowboat design I've had my eyes on doing for years. It's another 'Cross Stitch Crazy' magazine design that I copied out of my own mag before coming here, and, although the chart makes it look considerably larger than the field mice, it's as wide as they were high and so not so very big after all. The chart has larger squares. This one will be for me to put on the wall of my study/studio when we get our new home.=)

This is the book I plan to take most of the pattern for the camera case from and also some of the small pieces of fabric I brought with me for it. The shiny one is the outside and the other one the lining, which I bought here just over 2 years ago.

More on these soon, I hope!

The new blog is going well. Yesterday I did a short piece on blog design and how not to overdo it with fancy trimmings and today's posting contains 2 simple, but important, tips on how to avoid tooth decay!! Hop over to the Fluff and see for yourself.


Rachel Cotterill said...

Looking forwards to seeing the narrowboat one - looks big though!

Lakshmi said...

Field mice looking cute..

DIAN said...

Lovley work Elizabeth. Your hardanger project looks fabulous. I would be thrilled to receive something like that.

Radka said...

Congratulation on finnished project. Good luck with the new embroidery and hardanger!

Nic said...

Your mice look very sweet, certainly worth the effort!

Jules said...

Congratulations - you made it and it looks great!

Doris said...

congratulatios for that lovely finish, the next project look great and sound great.

Anonymous said...

H Elizabeth--the field mice are really cute! Can you share where you got the chart?

Carol S.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

This mouse piece is darling - lovely finish!