Wednesday, 26 May 2010


....term is over and we're on the first full day of 8 days off school. Hurrah! However, you can tell it's our school hols as the rain is due to start tomorrow and last until we go back. Happens every time....Grrr!

....I got to go around the other large bookshops looking for 'Inspirations 66', but it seems not to have arrived in Taiwan at all, so I've given up on it.

....I got around to going to the 2nd nearest library and borrowed 3 books - 2 stories and 1 guidebook on Japan, where we go in just about 2 months.

....I've got around to starting revising and developing my Japanese language in earnest. I even bought the CDs for the course I've had hanging around for the past 6 months!

....I got on with the backstitching on the Field Mice, but I'm not showing that off until it's totally finished. I've done all the blackberries now and also about two thirds of the rose leaves.

....I bought two of the 'local' stitchcraft books. I put 'local' in inverted commas as they're not Taiwanese at all, but translated from Japanese books. There's an enormous collection of patchwork and quilting titles in several series', many of which are the muted 'country' style, which doesn't float my boat much, but seems rather big in Japan! Anyway, these are the two I bought, one on simple Japanese embroidery and designs and one on patchwork items decorated with embroidery and ribbon work.

Below are some spreads from the Japanese-style embroidery book, which I thought were rather nice, although I know they'll seem terribly over-simplified to those who've been taking the specialist JE courses!!=)

And here are some spreads from the patchwork/ribbonwork book. There are some really lovely things in this book and, despite the instructions all being in Chinese, the diagrams look pretty clear and I should be able to make good use of it - in good time!!

Aren't they all lovely?


DIAN said...

Elizabeth, so good to have you blogging again. Your magazines are gorgeous, thanks for showing pics. I am pleased you are doing a little stitching.

Katherine said...

Their beautiful and so inspirational

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Elizabeth, Have a lovely break and hopefully it will not rain to much to dampen your adventures. Best wishes when you go to Japan. They have two Japanese Quilting Mag. I just love. If your are interested in them I will let you know their names. LOve the books you have collected. Guess what I got in the mail this week. The Australian Cross Stitch and Embroidery Mag with the very lovely Cottage on the front page. I got both issue because you need both for the instructions. Have you gotten them. I absolutely LOVE that English Cottage. Hugs Judy

Jules said...

Gorgeous books, looks like you will have plenty of inspiration there. I'm glad you are feeling a bit like stitching again, and have managed to progress the field mice. You're sounding a lot perkier! Enjoy the break from school!:)

Doris said...

Have a lovely break and hopefully it will not rain, the magazine look really pretty.

Rachel said...

Sounds like real progress is happening out there - good to know the energy is back!