Friday, 28 May 2010

Some changes on blog

Nothing directly craft related in this post, but just a notification really.

I've finally got my newest blog going, which is called Fluffy Little Idiot and is devoted to non-craft things, such as reading, learning, (will cover my studies other than art and needlework, so my music etc), human potential and intelligence and a fair few other things that interest me - including how I succeed in developing a good recipe or two for vegan ravioli! I've also got a blog outline in prep for if and when I'm able to start the Open College of Arts drawing and painting courses, but until that happens, art work will stay on this blog.

So, I've moved my CV and Goals pages to the new blog and added in a '2010 Goals' page which also includes what I want to do craft-wise. I've also moved the Reading List to there from the Google Sites page I've been using for a while. I've got feeds to all my other blogs active now here and on the new one and will put them on the other two later on.

Made in Taiwan will soon be re-named Brauns on Tour and kept for travel photos and notes in the future. There'll be pix from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and southern Germany, plus wherever we move to when we get back to look forward to during the rest of this year on that site. I hope to use the language one more as time goes on and I develop my interest in linguistics and creative language learning and teaching (possible research degree on the horizon....).

So, please visit me all over, add yourself as a follower on any and all sites that interest you even a little and leave comments when you have chance. It's lovely to know folk are reading along and it makes blogging extra worthwhile. An explanation of the new blog's name appears in the very first post there. Curious? Go over and see!=)

Oh, and yes, it's raining cats and dogs here at the mo!!


Jules said...

You've been busy! But phooey! I can't access your new blog hun - when I click on your link it's telling me it's "not registered on Blogger!"

Probably the dreaded Blogitis again.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Like Jules said - I click on it, and Blogger offers to let me register the name. Let me know when it's up :)

John'aLee said...

I have to tell you Elizabeth...I am so impressed with you and your blog. It is not very often that I spend an hour going through someone's blog...but I did exactly that with yours today. Your work is amazing and you are amazing. You could definitely be designing patterns. You are so much more experienced than a lot of us that already are.
I put you on my blog roll list. I hope my customers will come over and read about your journey.
Keep up the great work.

DIAN said...

I tried, but no luck with the new blog.

Elizabeth Braun said...

OK, how embarassing, I input the link wrongly!! I've corrected it now. (What's the emoticon for bushing in shame???!)

Marc said...

This is a lovely blog named as Sew in love. Try to learn changes that had been applied in this blog