Thursday, 17 June 2010

Too busy to stitch again!

I did spend a little time on the hardanger piece the other day, (I gave myself an hour's 'weekend' whilst watching a Sherlock Holmes on Youtube on Sunday!!), but I ended up having to pull a lot of stitches out as I'd gone wrong. I don't like buttonhole edging, grrr! So, nothing to show there.

We've had unexpected guests for the past three days which, along with being back at language school, (I was able to stitch and post a lot during that last lot of holidays), has kept us very busy. Anyway, yesterday was a public holiday - the Dragon Boat Festival, so we went up to the Yangming Shan national park, which is all within the Taipei city limits, and visited one of Chiang Kai-shek's 15 homes there!!! This was his 'guesthouse' apparently, and it's green! Had it been white or stone coloured, it would have been nice, but the green was a bad, BAD choice. So bad that I won't post a photo!! Whilst we were looking around the rooms, however, I got a lot of great design inspiration photos from the artefacts and trimmings there, such as this firescreen:

And this red vase:

And the set of 4 seasonal blue glass internal windows, of which this is one:

I can see that done in silk and sheer fabrics in appliqué etc, can't you?=)

Hope to get back to being able to stitch something soon, and at least get poor Dianne's package in the post, then I can show off the nice fabrics I bought last Thursday. It mightn't seem much, going to two hours of class a day, but add in transport, extra classes and/or library time etc and we're out of the house for at least four hours per day, and up to seven!

Now, Carol S asked me about the field mice cross stitch chart and where it came from. Carol, I can't tell you exactly at the moment as I don't have my mags with me and I'd been using a copy I made to bring with me, which has no indication of date. All I can tell you is that it's by Maria Diaz and it appeared in 'Cross Stitch Crazy', probably some time in 2003, (I bought a fair few cross stitch mags 2002-4, but very few since). As it's an autumnal sort of design, it might be something like the September issue. I checked on the publisher's website, but they don't have it available as a download to sell. Leave me another note with contact details and I'll see if I can help further.=)


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth--Thank you for the information about the Field Mice chart. I'd love to know, but it's not urgent, so whenever you get around to it is fine.

...... (e-mail address removed for privacy) =)

Thank you!

Carol S.

Rachel said...

I'd like to see you do an applique based on that window - I think it would be a fascinating project!

Real Life Reslers said...

That vase is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I hate that buttonhole stitch too but only after I used the wrong stitch around a piece and found out after I had cut almost one side out. Buttonhole around that was a complete nightmare mainly because I was so annoyed with myself LOL. I love hardanger though and plan to start another piece off soon.

Doris said...

beautiful picture,,i like the window.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Nice photos - what an interesting place to look around :)

Susan D said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my photos, glad they've been well received.

I look at the OCA forum most days so there's been a lot of discussion about the new textiles courses. Can't wait for them to start, would be great to get a Textile Degree.

My anaemia is caused by 'womens' problems' to put it delicately. Your health is so important, I didn't realize how bad I felt until I was better if that makes sense.

Carrie said...

I got interested in cross stitching way back 2000; when I am jobless and don't have anything to do at home. While waiting for any job opportunity, I find myself being enjoyed in this cross stitching. I only finish one but its certainly look good, it is an angel printed with heart sign. I just loved it!