Sunday, 30 January 2011

Progress on the Narrowboat

Not much to report today after my blog-a-thon a few days ago, (a post here, and two each on Language and The Fluff). I've done a bit of stitching on the narrowboat design, but haven't touched the freestyle - any of it - again yet.

Cross stitch may be easy, but it doesn't stop me making plenty of mistakes. I'd done all the red you can see here before I realised that the entire lower section (so everything below the top red line) was one stitch to the left of where it should have been. Hard lines though, with so much work done on it. I decided to compensate by filling in the extra space to the right with extra green and to miss a line to the left at some point.=) I like to work accurately, but there are some times when you just have to keep going or end up working huge areas twice. When it doesn't matter, just move on regardless.


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Cross stitch isn't easy to me! It's coming along nicely. Are you using DMC cotton? what size fabric? It will look really nice when finished. I agree that sometimes you do need to live with a few minor errors. You can call it creative license!

Rachel said...

It's easy to get slightly adrift with some counted cross stitch designs, but it's usually possible to compensate as you have. People looking at the finished piece won't notice the difference.