Sunday, 23 January 2011

Two weeks' work

Hi again! I'm back from our fortnight's working in Leeds and staying with mum. We managed to earn about enough to pay for the expensive car repair that became needed the day after we finished, so so much for our getting some needed funds on one side for foods, energy bills and so on over the next three months. Oh well, such is life. We're not dead yet, so, where's there's life there's hope.=)

I managed to get a fair amount done which away and, most usefully, away from the computer. DH said the same!! I got all the socks darned, all my journal reading up to date, reviewed one and a bit important brochures and got this done:

The last time this giraffe featured on here, the foreground was all completed (worked when I was given the kit as an 11th or 12th birthday present nearly 30 years ago!), but there were only a few lines of background stitching done. Almost done now.=)

I've no more progress to show on the other WIPs as I haven't touched them, except to move them from one place to another and put away the threads I'd finished with. However, I did make this card last weekend and, as it wasn't really art as such, i.e. not drawn or painted, I didn't quite know which blog to put it on, so here it is!!

If you take a look over on the Fluff, you'll find some tips on living on a budget over the next few days. Today's is an intro, there's a general money saving post tomorrow, full of all sorts of ideas and then there'll be one on cutting down on your grocery spend a day or so after that. Hope that will be of interest and use to some, especially as tomorrow's post contains some tips for craft work on a budget.=) I've also got some posting done on my language blog, for those of you with an interest in things like that.

Hope to be back soon with some more stitchy things to show.=)


Anonymous said...

So good to see you doing a little stitching as and when you feel like it. Love your card too.

Rachel said...

Good to see some stitching and crafting fitting itself in.

In my experience, plans like "we'll work extra for some money to set aside" always end up the way yours did. The only thing that works is saving unobtrusively so you barely know you're doing it. Somehow that doesn't trigger the expensive domestic upheaval in quite the same way!

Elizabeth Braun said...

That wasn't extra income to set aside, that was plain old living expenses that we now don't have!=(

Oh well, we're still alive.....

Carol R said...


I have been reading your blog(s) for a while and enjoying them immensely. I embroider when I can--trying to get my stitches in early in the morning before I head off to work. Most days I don't manage to do that, so I live vicariously through others' work!

My youngest is learning Slavic languages so I am also interested in your language studies.

By the way, the card is beautiful, how did you make that?

Best regards from Western New York,