Monday, 3 January 2011

That was 2010, now what about 2011?

Yup, here I am, jumping on the 'review of 2010/preview of 2011' bandwagon to present my 'achievements' to the world!

So, stitchwise, what did I accomplish this year just ended? The short answer is, not much!=( In fact, a mere three pieces finished, an all-time low for the years that I've been stitching.

*Field mice and blackberries cross stitch, finished up into a sofa cushion cover for a Taiwan friend;
*A small, white hardanger doily for another TW friend; and
*A pretty, green hardanger needlecase for myself, which I still haven't put my needles in.

I did all of those whilst I was over there, up to late August.

Added to that, the following are WIPs carried over from last year:

*Goldwork viola, started last February
*Narrowboat cross stitch, started last summer
*Water violets and fish freestyle cushion cover (update on which is pictured on the right)
*Blackberries stumpwork manicure case

So much for last year! What about this? Well, of course I want to finish all the above WIPs, starting with the last two (as they are now overdue wedding gifts, but my sister knows all about it and doesn't mind). Then I'd like to get the goldwork to completion as it's been in progress since last spring and I'd like to get it a) out of the way; and b) hung on the wall above my music stand.

The cross stitch I'm in no rush for and I expect it'll end up on one of our living room walls - we have a LOT of blank wall space in this new home! It'll look lovely when it's done with lots of bright colours. I haven't started that piece I posted about for my mum, so that's on this year's 'To Do' list as well.

About 18 months ago, I posted on some childhood UFOs that had come to light and I want to get those finished up this year as well. The two bird pieces I plan to get mounted and framed together once they're tidied up/finished, and the giraffe I'll make into a cushion cover for whichever little girl I think will like it best. I have one in mind...=) We'll be doing some largely brain free work soon where I should be able to do some dull, quiet stitching, like plain backgrounds in needlepoint, so that's an ideal opportunity to even finish all those 3 pieces. Look out for updates on that one before the end of this month.

My interest in stitchcrafts waxes and wanes a lot these days. Yes, some of it will be to do with health - all the bugs I've had and the fact that, the flatter my batteries are, the less I seem to be bothered about stuff I'd normally be really keen on. So, the fact that I've lived here for well over 2 months and haven't been into town (downtown, for US English speakers) yet, is something that doesn't bother me as much as it normally would!! I wasn't able to go to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show last November and wasn't too concerned about it either. Sigh! Once I'm feeling more myself, I'm sure things will come right. In the meantime, I'm enjoying reading a great deal and trying to take life in small doses and get plenty of rest.

So, other than finishing off WIPs, (and I HATE having half done jobs hanging around, so they must be finished, whether I'm 'into' it or not!), I don't know what I'll accomplish in textiles and embroidery this year. We'll have to take it as it comes.

Thanks for all the well wishes! I'm afraid it's been a long fight with the seasonal viruses etc, and doesn't seem to be over yet (I get something else the second I go anywhere near people), but I'm still alive and, usually, kicking!! I decided not to take the job application any further if I am invited to interview as I really won't have the strength for it and, if I have, it'll end up being about the only thing I can do and, frankly, that's not what I want out of life. It was doing that 3 years ago that got me in this physical mess, so I am NOT going there again! I think I've learned something at least!


My 1st Bambina! said...

Very nice needlework related goals for this year!
I have set some goals myself... I'm not a self-motivated person so I think having goals may help.

Perhaps having someone over (someone that shares your interest in needlework and that is not sick of course ;-)...), for a short embroidery section while sipping tea will help you get motivated and back on track with the projects you want to complete...( just a thought ;-).)

About the job, a more suitable one for you will appear when you less expect it. Maybe you could give some needlework classes in the meantime.

I hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your reading!

shakatak66 said...

Sorry about the continued health issues - been there, done that, and it certainly messes with your headspace and creativity, that's for sure! Look forward to seeing your plans progress this year - don't worry, your mojo will return when it's ready :)

Rachel said...

Good to know you aren't going to rush your return to health. Get yourself well and then everything else will fall into place!

Katherine said...

Everything will fall into place for you and having a short break from your embroidery doen't hurt. I've been like this too in the past and eventually everything turns around usually when health returns and our get up and go starts racing around with enthusiasm. I do put everything away out of sight until it calls me LOL.