Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Not my fault! (For a change!)

Don't you just love it when two colours on the chart key are mixed up and so you end up putting them into your design the wrong way around? I was a bit suspicious when I started putting deep blue into the hull of the narrowboat, especially when it was matched with grey. However, when I was directed to put grey in as the deepest shade in the water, I thought, 'There really must be a mistake in this chart!'

So, I went off to find the actual magazine that I'd scanned the design from before we went away August 2009, and, sure enough, the colours are the wrong way around in the key! The magazine photo clearly shows the hull in three shades of grey and a distinctly blue shade in the water. Out came the all the relevant stitches and then back in in the right colour!!

From this

Through this

To this

And a bit more now as I've put some of the correct water in as well.

It's bad enough when you mess up and have to frog through your own carelessness, but this was a real pain! Oh well, it's corrected now.... [Rolls eyes]


Rachel said...

It doesn't matter how carefully you check those things before publishing it, something always gets through.

vEr0n!c@ said...

Oh I feel your pain. Glad you got it corrected though before more mistakes were made.