Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Chinese Wedding Card

Just a quick post today to show a card I made over the weekend for a Chinese couple I was asked to stand witness for at their legal wedding ceremony yesterday, (if you can follow that!!) Red is the Chinese colour for celebrations and they often trim that red up with gold, so I mixed that colour scheme with our traditional white for weddings and did a quick hardanger piece.

DH typed up and printed out a nice something in Chinese which he stuck on the inside as a flysheet sort of arrangement too so, for an impromptu piece, we were quite proud of it.=)

Here is the final card mounting of the heart I did recently as well. This was for a silver wedding anniversary, but I found that I didn't actually have a silver '25' sticker, so just left the front plain. I think the stitchery is fancy enough anyway.

Next thing I hope to do it to get the water violets and fish piece made up into the final cushion/pillow cover. No estimates on when yet except that it must be done by 7 July.


Anonymous said...

The purple heart has worked out really well after all the changes of plan and looks great on its own.

Rachel said...

Yes, well done.

And isn't it wonderful to see the difference the mounting makes!

Teena in Toronto said...

So cute!

Happy blogoversary :)

Angela said...

Your cards are stitched beautifully!

FlowerLady said...

Both pieces are really lovely. You do beautiful work.