Tuesday, 14 June 2011

5 Smalls, 3 Styles

Here are all my other recent finishes, most of which were worked on whilst I was working in Leeds recently.

The first is a cross stitched bookmark made for an elderly friend of ours, Charlie. He was delighted with it when we gave it to him last night.=)

Next we have the two printed canvas needlepoint kits that my mum found a few months before we went to Taiwan (about two years ago now!) and that I recently finished off and 'repaired'. On looking at the top one again the other day, I realised that there are more repairs to make, i.e. when I decided, in my 11 year old wisdom, that it wouldn't matter if one or two stitches went \ when all the others were / as it filled in the shape better....

Here's a wedding card done well in advance of the big day on 20 August this year. Now like me to get things done in good time (Prince Albert would have approved: 'It's always better to complete a task well ahead of schedule.'), so I now have this to keep clean and safe (in its envelope) for the next 2 months and to think of a gift to make.

The last photo shows the circular card mount I chose to put the silver and purple heart in. I took pix of both this and in a square mount and, as soon as I could see them side by side in my photo package, there was no contest on which looked best. (I'll post a better photo when I've taken one.)

Next task is to get on with the blackberries and make up the two cushion/pillow covers etc, but I'm rather busy preparing for software and secretarial exams (plus going to classes and so on) just now, so I mayn't get on as quickly as I'd like... So what's new, huh?!


Rachel said...

The temptation to fill in shapes with stitches going the wrong way is a very familiar one - and I've been known to get it wrong by accident, sometimes, which is rather shameful. It's one thing to do it deliberately, for perfectly good reasons, quite another to do so in a fit of absent mindedness!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Isn't it nice to get some finishes under your belt? The bookmark, bear and heart are simply precious.

Karen at A Glimpse Into My Reveries said...

I am not sure that you should make repairs to a piece that you did at age 11. The creative process and the efforts you put into it then shouldn't be negated. Any more than one would want to make a correction to one of the antique New England samplers done by schoolgirls in the 1700's! They are even more precious for their imperfections!

Your work is beautiful and should be appreciated even during it's infancy!

Keep stitching and keep blogging! I love your updates!
Karen (Pacific Northwest, Washington State, USA)

Elizabeth Braun said...

Well, that's one way of looking at it, but not mine at the mo, as I'm not really looking to preserve a record of my development as an embroideress.

I'm planning on framing high quality pieces that I'm totally pleased with and and happy for others to see without my having to explain that the quality is low as I did it when I was little!!