Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Sunday Yarn - 18 Nov 2012

I haven't posted a yarncrafts update for the last few Sundays, but I have been knitting!

Here's the progress on the 4-ply lemon cardy, which is the 6-12 months size:

And here's the current status of the light green one.  This is a 3-6 months one, but is wider than the lemon one (which is a little longer though).  So, I wonder how they'll be in actual use!

So, just the two sleeves to finish and then it's onto assembly and the borders - neither of which jobs are my favourite part of the process!!

Apart from that I've also done an external hard-drive cover for DH, but I'll wait until I have better light to take a picture of that as I had to take the above in artificial light and they're not up to my usual standard as a result.

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2012


Rachel said...

Well done. The light hasn't been good recently - it is frustrating.

Jules said...

I don't like sewing up much either. I like the green yarn - what are you using?

Radka said...

Hi Elizabeth,
you might remember me from the old CB forum. Jules from "Adventures in Thread" blog suggested I contact you, after she saw my post regarding some other blog being created from my posts and pictures. She told me you had similar experience some time ago. I would be interested to hear about it, please. xx