Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Sunday Yarn - 25 Nov 2012 and Things For Sale!

Do weeks fly, or what?  I actually did a little embroidery this week and yesterday I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate, which was great!  I really enjoyed it as it's been four years since I was last able to go and, whilst I didn't buy many supplies, I did get some good fabric colouring things, lots of new ideas and the realisation that it really IS embroidery that I like best when it comes to textile crafts.  I didn't even look at any yarns, knitting patterns or that kind of thing!  So, I daresay yarncrafts will not be a prominent feature here long-term, but I will do some here and there.  I want to learn crochet and pick a few more knitting skills (cabling and colour changes for a start), so that I have the skills under my belt for another time.=)

Here's where the two cardigan projects are up to.  As you can see, all pieces are finished now and they just need preliminary assembly and it's on to the hated 'pick up and knit' part to do the borders etc.  Hmm, the left hand yellow sleeve is inside-out!!  The green bit on the needle is the first part of a mitten, which was rather stupid of me to start when I hadn't done the border and am low on yarn - DUH!

Here's the promised external hard drive cover that I did for my hubby a couple of weeks ago.  It's made with Sirdar 55% wool blend chunky yarn and was chosen by Sir himself.  It's not that the hard drive needed padding (or even keeping warm!!), but he wanted it to be bright and 'unmissable' so that he didn't leave it behind in among all the other dull, black technology things that seem to fill up desks wherever you are these days.  He's pleased with it and you might be able to see that I left a hole in the top left hand corner so that the operation lights can easily be seen.=)

I've just been busy taking advantage of the current free listing event on E-bay UK and have uploaded some things that some readers may be interested in.  There are several really good quality, nicely designed embroidery kits available in cross stitch, blackwork, goldwork, stumpwork, Brazilian and silk shading/freestyle as well as some other counted thread charts (PLEASE someone buy the hardanger angels!)  With two exceptions (listed as 'part kit's), they're all new and complete, although I've opened them up to look at the contents.  I realise that I'm never actually going to work them, so better off to pass them on to someone who will and will enjoy them!  Could that be you?  I hope so.... I've also listed some coloured card blanks with oval apertures, some party-type clothes in small sizes, hair decorations and a few other things.  Please have a look here at the listings as I've made them all available globally.  Someone's already bid on the large Brazilian kit, feel free to compete with her....!!=)  (I did try to put some mini photos here, but I just could NOT get the formatting satisfactory, so I've scrapped the idea!)

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Yes, time really does fly, doesn't it? The baby sweaters are going to be simply adorable, and I love the hard drive cover.

Rachel said...

Good thinking, to leave a hole for the operating lights - it's always good to be reassured that the hard drive is working as intended!

margaret said...

wonder what you are going to be coming up with with your K & S purchases. I also went thursday and saturday and met up with 2 of my SF friends I had never met before, so good to meet in person and had a wonderful time.Will pop over to ebay and see what you have on offer

Wendy said...

I might be interested in the Hardanger kit, but there's no description and I can't make the photo out so not really sure what it's of or what's included!

Wendy said...

I might be interested in the Hardanger kit, but there's no description and I can't make the photo out so not really sure what it's of or what's included!