Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - 19 Dec 2012

I nearly didn't have anything to report, but I've just finished re-stitching the head section on the rabbit piece and also added in the eye.  I think it looks a little odd at the mo, but feel sure that it'll look much better when all the rest of the shading is done.

Probably the main plus is that I actually got it going again!=)

I also finished off the mittens for my green baby layette this afternoon and just need to get ribbon and buttons for that and the matching jacket, which won't happen before Sunday, but I'll be able to show off something anyway.=)

Feels good to get things moving forward, esp. as both of the above mentioned projects are on my to complete in 2012 list and there are only 12 days and 6 hours left of the year....  That's also part of the reason why I haven't been doing as much textile work - I've been trying to complete some of the study tasks too!

Of course, next year's list is already done and ready to go live in 1 January and contains a few things that won't get done, or finished, this year.

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Rachel said...

I think you will find that once the bunny has his body, his head and eye will look a little less odd, but it is already pretty good!

Vilje Vanilje said...

I love looking at progress photos of this bunny:) It is adorable. And I agree about the colours now look better than before. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, such a gleam in his eye!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Hello Elizabeth~ I am so pleased to have found your blog while searching for a "stumpwork beetle", lo and behold-- your blog came into my life. I have spent a good part of my afternoon reading it and also hightailed it to a thread shop that carried the DMC green metallic thread and what do you know-- I made my first stumpwork beetle thanks to your most excellent tutorial. THANK YOU!!! I am a tambour embroiderer, studied at Lesage in Paris, and teach in Richmond, VA, this technique, but I have been wanting to incorporate stumpwork into my designs so I thank you very kindly a thousand times over. Love your blog! jennifer

Luiz Vaz said...

Precious work!
I wish you a very nice 2013, full of health, new ideas and all the best.
Hugs from Brasil.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I suppose I ought to think about making a new list, since my old one is about to "expire"... :)