Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday - 9 Jan 2013

I don't know if you're as stunned as I feel to able to actually post a progress photo for my peacock feather, but here it is!  OK, so there isn't much that's new to see (unless you're a new blog subscriber/reader, of course).  I've just put in the 'stalk' part of the feather and nothing else as yet, but it's back in progress and that's what matters.

This is going to be a tricky and rather dull piece - which is why it got stalled in the first place.  I actually did consider giving up on and binning it yesterday,  but I refuse to waste the work that's already gone in and, as I always meant to complete it, complete it I shall!

So, I hope to be able to put in at least one line of couching each day, if not two or three.  If I do manage to do that, then I may even have it as a finish this month....  Watch WIPW!!

I haven't touched the rabbit this last week, but I plan to get back on with him as soon as I can.

I have been able to crack on with the sampler though and here are the photos I took either at various points in the process or of the various parts.  First I finished the boxes, then put in the lettering and then finally started on cross stitching the greenery at the bottom of the right hand long box.

This is what the whole piece looks like at the moment with all the above elements in place:

I hope to complete this section of cross stitches and also get the satin stitch square done (which you can see the top right-hand corner forming of here) and maybe one or two other bits.

What you may not realise from these shots is the size of this thing.  I've actually got it in a smaller working frame that would be needed to get the whole thing in at once, so there are another few design elements to fit in at the bottom of this visible section.  I'm still quite a long way off completing even the surface work on it.  Sir and I estimated that I may be about half way through it.  Then there are the cut sections to do.  I hope I can get this done within the first half of the year, but I also want to make a start on other pieces - when the rabbit and feather are done, that is.

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l'alternativa said...

Che meraviglia è un lavoro stupendo, buon anno

Rachel said...

Good to see the progress you are making. With large projects it can be hard to show other people the progress you are making, but we can always go back and check up in a previous post!

JudyC said...

將作品的進度定期做報告確實是一個督促自己的好方法! 相信妳的孔雀肯定會是個讓妳覺得驕傲的作品! :-))) judy