Monday, 14 January 2013

Creative Every Day (CED) - 7-13 Jan 2013

So, here is this last week's list:

Monday 7th:
* Completed last week's Monday update post
* Cast on and knitted the 12 rows of rib on the latest baby knit front
* Started the cross stitching greenery on my sampler

Tuesday 8th:
* Updated my Ravelry page with my latest knitting finishes
* Finished the first ball of yarn on my baby knit
* Put in one line of couching on the peacock feather - the 'stalk' part

Wednesday 9th:
* Finished the pattern on the baby knit (the first ball of yarn ran out almost 10 rows into a 12 row pattern, so I just completed the last 2 rows)
* Continued with the cross stitching on my sampler and made a start on the square box part
* Created a 'Work in Progress Wednesday' post

Thursday 10th:
* Knitted another pattern
* Completed the second 'side' of the square box on the sampler

Friday 11th:
* Knitted 6 rows - half a pattern
* Received and flicked through Buzan's 'The Power of Creative Intelligence'

Saturday 12th:
* Looked in Hobbycraft for knitted related things
* Bought an A3 sized plastic portfolio-box thingy and 3 A5 display folders for storing pieces awaiting framing and small samples etc.
* Read the first chapter of the 'The Power of Creative Intelligence', which I think is going to be very good

Sunday 13th:
* Went looking for yarn - although didn't find what I wanted.
* Discussed the design and construction of a mobile magazine display stand with Sir
* Collected ideas from Dunelm and Homebase for bedding and cushion designs - I want to have a go at making and selling dolls house textiles.  Also got paint charts for the future re-decorating of the bathroom!!

So, although I didn't really have much time for actual project work over the weekend (we were out a lot and I had a monster headache at times too - thus no yarncrafts posting yesterday), I still managed quite a few things that could be described as creative.  If we really think of 'creativity' as going well beyond our textiles work, then we can see it in many seemingly ordinary things of life.=)  Sign up for the challenge, we can all do it!

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2013


Rachel said...

Certainly thinking about creative projects counts just as much as doing them!

Isabelle said...

you add a new picture in your banner (I am not sure it is the good word for the stip in the front of your blog), isn't it ? I love this picture of the earth. the picture are lovely on this black fabric and our planet looks like a jewel.

Sparklyjools said...

I'm with Rachel on this one:)

Vicki Boster said...

Elizabeth - Your beautiful blog is now loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party - I will be looking forward to your special post for the party and will be by to read it as soon as I can. I hope you make lots of new friends - and I hope you will befriend lots of new blogs who are just trying to get started. Thank you for participating~